Team Fortress Bots Released

It's time for a baserush! The TFBots has arrived, so you better build a sentry gun and station your snipers on the deck. They turned out really well, so I hope you get a chance to download them. Let me mention a few features to entice you:

* a new game mode called FortBall. A ball spawns in the middle of the map, and you have to run it into the enemy fort to score a touchdown
* you can adjust the skill and speed of the bots
* one of my modes, Sabotage, plays like Quake 3 Team Arena's Overload, in which you have to destroy the enemy's base generator
* the maps include classics like bam4 and canyon1 and lesser known works like fort0rz2 and cryptic1
* you can play any of the six modes on virually all of the 24 maps, so can have fresh experiences all the time
* a menu that comes up after each match, where you can easily select your next game mod and map

You will have to download 3 files to play:

Team Fortress 2.8 -- 5 meg (if you don't have it)

TFBots 0.7 -- 2 meg

Map Pack 1 -- 16 meg

You can check out the readbots.txt file for details if you wish. I hope you can find time to get these files and play; if you're a fan of bots I think they will be worth the download. Please contact me with any comments or criticisms at

I hope you liked the "screen art/desktop" pictures on the front page and the top. Seemed like a fun way to show you screenshots (thanks go to Arwing for the inspiration). A couple more follow:




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