Announcing Team Fortress Bots   [6.25.03]
Spies. Nail grenades. Presidents. Captured flags. You'll see all these things and more in my upcoming mod, Team Fortress Bots. The beta version is nearing completion, and it will be released during QExpo 2003.

The bots use all weapons and items. They capture flags. They play on nearly 40 maps. They win and lose games. And they may just kick your skinny white ass.

Some of the features include:
- bot orders like attack, defend, heal, and escort
- game modes include capture the flag, protect the president, domination, infiltration
- popular maps supported include 2Fort5, The Rock, CanalZone 2K, Sewer1
- play any game mode on any map
- snipers take position on the decks
- demomen set pipebomb traps
- engineers build and upgrade sentry guns
- bots will escort each other
- spies go undercover

Ever wanted to play a game with all scouts? Do you prefer one-on-one matches, or eight- on-eight? Do you really like the map No More Trees, but can never find a server running it? Ever wanted to play capture the flag on The Rock? You can create your own game with TFBots and play the way you want to play.

Many Quake players have wanted TFBots almost as long as the mod itself has been out. Many programmers have attempted to do them for just as long. Indeed, I have been working on them, on and off, for several years.

Of course, Team Fortress is a complicated game, and I did have to make some sacrifices. First, my mod is not for QuakeWorld. I don't know much about that code, and I didn't know how many people still play that.

Second, I rewrote the goal entities, and took out capture points. Thus, the flags, control points, presidents, and others behave according to my new code. And to capture a flag, you simply take it back to your flag.

In defense of myself, I will say that I retained the essence, the fun, of TF. In fact, I think I added to the fun with my new game modes. Moreover, other mods like Shaka and MegaTF change the mod more than I did.

I think a lot of people will enjoy the bots. I have learned though that what you put into Team Fortress is what you get out of it. With all its commands, bindings, and strategies, it demands a level of patience and commitment. It really does reward you eventually.

And whatever you end up thinking of my bots, you should check out TF for two reasons: the sheer excellence of some of the later maps and the incredible professionalism of Dox's custom models. I have scoured the net for good maps and I think I've found some that even hardcore TF players won't know. And Dox's guns, though low-poly, are as good as any retail product out there. Not to sound breathless, but I was shocked at the quality put into Team Fortress.

This is the mod I always wanted to make. This is the mod I always wanted to play. To be honest, I think this will be my finest work.



Time to Run   [6.15.03]
I'm pleased to announce the release of another mod, Run. It's a one-on-one deathmatch sport, a mixture of my 8Ball and the well-known QPong. Try to dribble or kick a ball into your bot opponent's goal, while he does the same against you.

This mod features three skill levels, three maps, and various sports sounds. I've also included the source code, for any curious coders. If anyone would like to contribute, be it maps, ideas, criticisms or graphics, please let me know.

The file weighs in at a whopping 825K. You can Download Run from FilePlanet. Thanks.


Work and Play   [6.3.03]
By now you've likely noticed that I didn't release the updated version of 8Ball; I will when I get the chance. Indeed, I'm still working on that project, another small sports mod, and the teamplay mod that I have yet to announce.

With that being said, I must confess to wasting precious coding time by playing Quake 3 Team Arena. As a huge fan of Unreal Tournament, I must say I'm hugely impressed with id's latest work. If you like new gameplay modes, bots, and teamplay, pick it up. Now.

So, if I don't release a mod soon, don't blame me, blame our beloved id software.


New Bot Mod Released   [4.22.03]
That headline is not an error, a joke, or a hoax. Coffee finally got off his lazy white arse and finished a mod. It's called 8Ball, and it is, quite simply, pool for Quake.

There are eight gigantic balls, and one is the cueball. You must race to this cueball, line up a shot, and try to knock the other balls into one of the eight huge pockets. However, there is a bot that plays against you, and he wants to knock em in as well. The mod features three arenas in which to play. If you're interested, you can download the 500K file here:

TomazQuake or nGLQuake is highly recommended to play. If you would like to check out the source code, just post a message at the 8Ball thread at Inside3D. I will be releasing an improved version of the mod this weekend. Thanks to all.


The Most Advanced Quake Engine Yet   [4.11.03]
As you know, there are quite a few custom engines available now, each offering its own graphics effects and special features. I do like eye candy, but I've not been very inspired by any of these projects.

Until now, that is.

A new engine has emerged that has changed the way I look at Quake 1. It's a new paradigm. You have to check it out. It's so hush-hush, the only info that can be found regarding it is in this Inside3D forum. Go there now or face an empty, meangless life.


A Great Team-Oriented Bot Mod   [3.20.03]
No, I'm not referring to my own upcoming project; I'm talking about Weapons Factory for Quake 2, a mod I recently discoved. If you're a bot enthusiast like me, you need to download this mod now.

Very much akin to the beloved Team Fortress, WF is a class-based game revolving mainly around capture the flag. The cool part is that the WF EraserBots play hard, navigate the maps well, and actually cap flags. There are tons of well-designed levels available. Get to it.

As for my own, ahem, similar project, I'll likely officially announce it here next time.


QExpo 2003 Coming [2.25.03]
I saw some news about the new QExpo over at You should head over there and take a look, perhaps even express your support at the forums.

As you may know, I kinda missed the first QExpo, and I'm still regretting it. Actually, I was working on the team mod at that point, and I really wanted to have it ready for the expo. Alas it proved too much work to get it done on time.

Needless to say, it will be done for the upcoming expo, which I am looking forward to. I took a few more screenshots to tide you over:


Still Working [1.28.03]
Just wanted to give everyone a quick report; I'm plugging away at a second alpha of the new mod. I want to send out some thanks to Rocko, scar3crow, and JLsoft, whose playtesting comments have improved the project immensely. I do appreciate it guys.

Also wanted to say that I am considering a new and much-improved version of the TutorBot, and new tutorials, if I get the time. Anybody interested in that?


Sneak Peeks [1.20.03]
Hey people, I put some link buttons to the right. These are superlative Quake 1 sites that you need to see. Great designs, great news, great guys. If you think Q1 is passe, just start clicking, foo.

I'm looking for a playtester who will give me some feedback on my new 'team-based' mod. I listen to all comments, even take requests. If interested, just send me some email. Also, I have some screenies for you. Hope you like em:


Fire in the Hole [1.15.03]
Okay, so my new mod features two teams locked in constant struggle. It has numerous player classes. It has, um, presidents in it. The bots take orders like "attack", "defend", and, uh, "heal."

The reason I'm not saying more is that these bots have been tried before, to no avail. Many think bots for this classic Quake mod cannot be done, the gameplay is too sophisticated, too epic. Can they? Will mine work? The jury is still out. For now.


A Return to Arms [1.14.03]
Hey people. I just wanted to get a quick update posted before I head out to work today. I have a lot to report, but I'll try to do that later. I hope this temporary site design looks okay, I threw it together mighty quicklike.

Believe it or else, I have been working on Quake and have released an alpha of a new mod; more details later. For now, let the teaser screenshots at left tantalize you.


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