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Artificial Intelligence Tutorials  

      Quake is old.
      But for a long while now, you've had an idea. You've wanted to modify the monsters somehow. Or you wanted to add bots to a deathmatch mod you play on the net.
      You might have been afraid of learning QuakeC because you've never programmed before. Maybe you've tried, but you couldn't translate your idea into code.
      That will now change. Welcome to my series of artifical intelligence tutorials. Whether you don't know much QuakeC, or whether you have started your own bot, you'll learn how to program AI.
      This ongoing series will be delivered in four phases:

      1. Learning the Basics
      2. Making a Monster Bot
      3. Building a Deathmatch Bot
      4. Creating a Bot Game

      I have two goals with this series. One, I want total conversion programmers to learn how to build more interesting creatures. Two, I want others to add bots to deathmatch games that are normally played over the net.
      These lessons will also be shaped by you. If you want to see a certain tutorial, or if you have source code for a cool patch that could use AI, let me know and I'll do it.
      It is strongly recommended that you read the QuakeC manual, look over the QuakeC source code, and do the tutorials at Inside3D before you start on the AI lessons.
      One thing you should know: we're not here to make the smartest bots. That would be boring. We're here to create cool enemies. We're here to have fun.
      Okay, now it's time for some monster brain surgery.


Looking For Links
Here are links to other AI-related sites

Examining Some Source Code
Sample QuakeC to study and use

Learning AI terminology
The first lesson defines the basic artificial intelligence ideas

Random Weapon Feature
This will randomize the guns each time you load a map

Improving the Monsters
Simple ways to make the creatures better

Understanding Monster Animation
How to make an enforcer duck

Adding Night Mode
Beasts and bots that go bump in the night

Strafing Like A Player
An enforcer learns how to kick ass

Creating Your First QuakeC Mod
This is for first-timers

Getting Your Own Pet Demon
How to make a helper monster

Spawning a Monster Bot
Creating a monster out of thin air

Sneaking Past Monsters
Creeping right past those dumb creatures

Firing Custom Weapons
Make the monsters use new guns

Roaming the Level
Creatures that explore and pick up items

Fast Monsters
Make monsters chase and strafe quickly like bots

Now the Tutor Bot will duck

Faster Thinking
The Bot will think and run faster

Bot Fundamentals
How the Tutor Bot works. An important lesson

Faster Running
The Bot will walk and run much quicker

Predator Deathmatch Mode
A suspenseful new way to frag

Waypoint Navigation
Make your bot roam any level perfectly

New Fighting Styles
The bot will attack in various exciting styles

Bot Items
Bot will pick up various items for real

Exploding Backpack
He will now throw killer trick packs

Play Dead
Our guy will now fall down and fake death

Last Man Standing
You and your bot can play a new deathmatch game

Better Navigation
Understanding and improving coffee_move()

Weapon Preferences
Your bot will choose a preferred gun

Co-Op Support
Make your bot shoot monsters and such

Bomb Squad
Fight mad bombers in this new game mode

Bot Camera
See what a bot sees

Bots on Scoreboard
Your guy will now show up in the frag rankings

Better Naming System
So you won't have ten bots named BG

Hear what your bot thinks about the world

Splatter paint all over your enemies to earn frags

Better Jumping
Improve the bot's questionable jumping AI

Improved Item Grabbing
An easier way for him to get items

Homework Assignment No. 1
A fun way to test your knowledge

Homework Assignment No. 1 Answer
See if you're as smart as you think you are

Homework Assignment No. 2
Yeah, but can you do this one?

Homework Assignment No. 2 Answer
I wonder if you got it right

Homework Assignment No. 3
Okay, now try this

Homework Assignment No. 3 Answer
The answer you've been waiting for

Homework Assignment No. 4
Do this and you rule

Homework Assignment No. 4 Answer
You hope this is the last one, right?

Target Leading
The bot will aim ahead of you now

Common Errors
Errors that bot authors run into

Run for Cover
Your bot will hide during combat

Improved Weapon Selection
I hope that is self-explantory

Gibbable Corpses
Blast those bot bodies into chunks

Rocket Arena Support
Your bot will play this world-famous deathmatch mod

Thumping Removal
Every bot has to deal with this annoying issue

Adjusting Aim
Your bot will try to shoot around obstacles

A powerful and adjustable bot velocity system

Opening Secret Doors
SkinSki teaches the bot how to get these pesky things open

Your bot will now be smart enough to flee when injured

Alternate Navigation
A different way for your little guy to roam the level

Circle Strafing
Now he'll strafe like a professional player

Discover that your bot really stinks

Bot Classes
Develop bots like cyborgs, thieves, assassins, whatever

Add flair to your bot by making him camp near items

Rocket jumping
Make your bot do that thing the hardcore players do

Aggressive Bots
The bot will attack more quickly and move a little more

Riding Platforms
Now out little friend will ride up elevators

Improved Grenade Aiming
He won't lob them over your head anymore

Alternate Target Leading
Your bot will shoot ahead of his enemy perfectly

Better Jumping For Sure!
A good solution to one of the hardest QuakeC problems

Fuzzy Logic
We reduce this real academic AI concept to ruins

Better Talking
Bots learn how to make their insults more personal

Dropping Backpacks
How to fix the Tutor Bot backpack "bug"

Bot Language
Said bot will form simple sentences

Strafing Into Items During Battle
A very Reaper-like, very cool lesson which you cannot pass over

Fuzzy State Machines
Applying another academic AI concept to our little deathmatch guy

Radioactive Mode
A new deathmatch mode with a spiffy particle effect

Bot Fraglimits
This allows your bot to win games through console variables

Chasing Enemies
Bot will pursue foes through teleporters and around corners

Locational Damage
Pull off head shots, leg shots, and chest shots

Descending Stairs
Your little friend will no longer leap down stairs cluelessly

Realistic Aiming
Your bot will learn to aim imperfectly, like a player

Improved Swimming
Do this lesson if you're bot is sick of drowning

Ask your bots questions and they will answer

Dropping Weapons
Players and bots can drop weapons for teammates to pick up

No Jumping Into Lava
A good fix to the common "lava bug" jumping problem

Tournament Mode
Give your mod a bot ladder deathmatch mode

Alternate Circle Strafing
Everybody wants to do this, including your bot

Walkmove Navigation
Not perfect, but another method to learn from and improve on


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