The following are games worked on while employed as a level designer/scripter. My work involved creating original level and texture content using 3DS Max and Photoshop, setting up gameplay/script elements within existing levels with in house tools for Rebellion's proprietary Asura engine and the optimisation of finished levels for XBox, PlayStation2, GameCube and PC.

I was also involved in the design of parts of the in house tools and logic entities since my gameplay creation work and more specifically the scripting was done with linked in game logic gates and entities rather than a written script language (effectively a visual, flow diagram based scripting system within a 3D interface).

There is also a highlighted selection from various levels created between 1998 and 2009 using most generations of idtech.

All the completed levels for the Quake series are free to download and play. To install these levels extract the .rar files to the game route folder and then type 'map [mapname]' into the in game console.

Scrap map files are provided as is and are in a no way finished state. They can be opened using the relevant game editor once extracted into the game route folder.

Dredd vs Death (XBox/PC/PS2/Gamecube First Person Shooter)


This was a first-person shooter set in 2000AD's Judge Dredd universe developed using Rebellion's in house Asura engine. I was responsable for incorporating NPC placement and gameplay scripting into four of the game's nine single player levels, using in-engine tools to place entities and logic objects/triggers (effectively scripting using a flow based system rather than a tradional script language).

I also used 3DS Max to edit the meshes of these levels in order to incorporate gameplay elements, with the in engine tools used to texture the meshes. I optimised these levels for all the console platforms using a mixture of in house tools, 3DS Max and Photoshop to reduce polygon counts and memory usage.

I created one of the game's multiplayer levels from scratch, through pen & paper design and mesh creation to entity placement, lighting and texturing (including creating new textures in Photoshop), although this was at a lower priority than my work on the singleplayer part of the game.


Gunfighter 2 (PS2 Light Gun Game)


A light gun game for the PlayStation 2 set in the wild west. This was the first game developed using Rebellion's in house Asura engine and as such part of my duties on this game included designing and specifying entities necessary for the scripted implementation of gameplay that were then created by the coding team.

My primary role on this game consisted of adding gameplay elements to the majority of the game's levels using the in house tools. This included the creation of camera paths for the player to follow, logic pathways for triggering player progression and the placement of NPC enemies, including sequencing their animations, reactions and attacks.

I also created some map objects for using in scripted events, using 3DS Max to both create the mesh and skin the objects.


Coagula Contest 3 Start (Quake 1 Hub)


This map was created using custom textures created by Undule. The level is a hub used to select difficulty and provide access to various maps.

I created this level for a community event in the small (yet still active) Q1 editing community. The theme of pack was maps floating in the void (or 'space' maps). I created this 'start map' over the course of a weekend to allow the pack to be played without manually loading each level.

Since the map didn't require AI enemies or other players, performance was less of an issue and I opted to take advantage of more powerful computers/engines and push the 12 year old Quake engine in terms of rendering limits. As such this is largely a graphical piece, although it obviously functions efficiently as a hub (and I feel adds a novel twist to the skill selection).



untitled (WIP, Doom 3 Single Player)


I have created various pieces using iD Software's Doom 3 Tech, both for Doom 3 and Quake 4, in order to learn how to create realistic and interesting lighting within the limations of realtime lighting and current computing power. I also created these map files to adjust to the higher detail levels of modern engines and increased use of imported map object meshes.

Building and designing these has also allowed me to learn to use scripting languages rather than entirely entity based logic controls as well as create scripts for texture shaders and in game gui elements.

The majority of my work in Doom 3 was on an unfinished single player mini-episode, which included design documentation/notes, map pieces, mesh work and script pieces. The scraps of this project can be download below.



Rewired4 (WIP, Quake 4 Capture The Flag)


I built this level to incorporate what I had learned from Doom 3 editing in a stand alone map. The map uses various textures from Quake 4 along with imported mesh objects created by myself.

The level was designed as a capture the flag map for medium sized teams with a variety of one-way and two-way routes between flags to provide a balanced playing field.

Graphically the level was intended to resemble a mining facility in a temperate climate complete with cave section linking the two bases.

Unfortunately due to hard drive failure all that remains of this level is a few screenshots and some meshwork for the terrain in 3DS Max format, however, I have included it as a further example of work in a modern engine.


Tatatu (Quake 3 Deathmatch)


This level was created using the Vendetta texture set by Rorshach. The map was designed for competitive 2v2 play, however, it also works excellently for FFA play.

The map was designed for competitive 2v2 play with the aid of top level players as testers. The gameplay was designed to be a variation from the traditional playstyle of most Quake 3 maps. This was achieved through the use of more open corridor rooms and the unusual absence of a railgun to achieve a more fast paced, close combat feel.

My aim for the visuals and ambience of the level was to create a feeling of an abandonned military facility amongst the desert mountains within a 1984-esque dystopia.



Entertain Us (Quake 3 Deathmatch)


This map uses the mrcleantex_3 texture pack by Mr. Clean. The map is designed almost exclusively for 1v1 play, but is still suitable for (admittedly brutal) 3 or 4 player FFA games.

The layout of this map was designed to create a fast and brutal game in 1on1 matches, consisting of merged rooms to avoid the use of connecting corridors and provide a faster, more intense game experience.

Visually the map was an exercise in abstract form and design. It incorporates simple textures in order to emphasise the intriguing shapes of the brushwork.

The level was used for PlanetQuake's "Top Dawg" 1v1 tournament.



Discordant Harmony (Quake 1 Deathmatch)


This map was created using custom textures from a variety of sources. It's a 1v1 focussed map, but is suitable for 2v2 or small FFA games.

The tight layout and high levels of connectivity were designed to encourage a faster, more aggressive gameplay style over more defensive play. As such it may not be suitable for highest level competitive play, but supplies what I feel is a more enjoyable 'casual play' experience.

While visually this level is relatively simple by today's standards, this is (in part) due to the limitations of the Quake engine. I feel that for an extremely low polygon engine the level efficiently portrays an abandoned industrial zone.



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