About Me

My name is Chris 'nonentity' Gilbert. As a creative, logical person I find enjoyment in the fusion of my technical and artistic abilities. This has led to a passion for digital art & design, something I have pursued in a variety of disciplines throughout my life, most notable computer game and graphic design (although not limited to these exclusively).

Level design especially has always been a great interest of mine as it not only allows me to indulge in the love of both mathematical game theory and computer games that I've held since childhood, but also incorporates the visualisation and creation of worlds combined with the logical problem solving of gameplay scripting and technical optimisation.

I have created this site to showcase my better works in a simple, efficient manner.


Level Design/Creation
Gameplay/Environment Scripting
Map Object Creation/Skinning
2D Texture Creation
Website/Interface Design
HTML/CSS/Javascript Coding
Video Editing/Mixing
2D Art/Design

Software Proficiencies

Adobe PhotoShop
Radiant/QEd (GTK, D3Edit, etc)
Valve Hammer Editor
3DS Max
Microsoft Word/Excel/Access

Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator
Sony Vegas
Adobe Premiere

Adobe Flash
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk AutoCAD
Adobe Audition

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