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09/16/00 - File downloads fixed...
File mirroring problems... Read below
06/12/98 - Ignorance is bliss...
Stolen content... Future plans... Read below... *sigh*
02/14/99 - qED3 public beta!
You use qED? Yeah? Rejoice! Details below!
07/09/98 -3 New turrets added
I just added a set of three great turret prefabs to the database.
Details below.
September 16,2000
•  File downloads fixed    Updated by: AzrKnight
All the files should now be downloadable again... The problem occured because Planetquake is no longer mirrored on cdrom.com... Which as you may or may not know is exactly where the files were sitting... everything should be fine now... If you have any problems drop me a line
June 12,1999
•  Ignorance is bliss    Updated by: AzrKnight
I know I know! Long time and you thought I was dead right? Actually I still plan on keeping this site going but have been concentrating all my energy on the game we're working on...
Anyway, it has been brought to my attention that yet ANOTHER prefab site is posting content from here without prior permission. Unseth of Prefabland has taken everything I've done and alot of things you people have submitted here. If this guy has posted your prefabs without your permission drop me a line.

If there's anyone out there who'd like to help me maintain this site send me a mail also... I'll have a bit more time shortly but not enough to manage this myself... Let me know if you're interested.
February 14,1999
•  qED3 beta is here    Updated by: AzrKnight
Well kids, after a long wait it's finally here.. qED3 beta. It's free for registered users of qED2 and has a bunch of new features including vertex editing, ancestor groups, and Halflife support. You can read all about it here.
I've been in close contact with Matt Tagliaferri throughout the transition and qED3 looks pretty good so far.
You can grab it from:
 qED3 home page
 And I've also mirrored it here

Sorry for the lack of updates... I have been busy working on a a commercial TC for Quake II called Entron: Freedoms Edge. Check it out!
July 09,1998
•  Three new prefabs added    Updated by: AzrKnight
EutecTic has amazed me yet again with his attention to detail and editing skill. The three new turrets are another example of excellence. There's a ceiling turret, a wall turret, and a floor turret to choose from. Grab all three.
July 06,1998
•  Back In Business    Updated by: AzrKnight
First off there's a new prefab for you. It's a Cable Lift sent in by Sagnor.

I know, I know... it's been a while. Well, things have been a bit hectic around here the past couple months. I have a newborn daughter now for those of you who don't already know. Believe me she takes up a bit of time... heh
I've also been working hardcore on Beholder a commercial total conversion for Quake II which also takes up alot of time.
Anyway... I am back! New look, New name, & New attitude!
A big thanks to Leviticus for all the work he has done on the site here for me. I doubt it would have happened without his help. The new site is easier to navigate for you and easier to maintain for me. I also changed the name since I support much more than qED now.
You may have also noticed the "contest" link on the menu.. that's for an upcoming prefab contest I am going to hold here... keep yer eyes peeled for that. Lemme know what you think of the new site. Drop me a line at azrknight@planetquake.com.
April 26,1998
•  2 prefabs & status report    Updated by: AzrKnight
Two more prefabs for you. First off there's a Strogg container like those seen in Quake2. I've also uploaded a new door sent in by EutecTic.
I apologize for the delay in between updates but it is for good reason. The old site here is getting a redesign that I think you're going to like. It's going to make things a bit easier for everyone (myself included). So please be patient... it'll be worth the wait.
April 13,1998
•  New prefab set added    Updated by: AzrKnight
Ok, I'm uploading and updating as I empty my inbox... one prefab at a time... I'm going to try to get to them all tonight so there might be a bunch of updates today.
Here's a set of crates for you first off. I also have a submission from EutecTic I'm going to check out and a couple others including a street light and some computer terminals. Keep your eyes out for those...
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