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Key Door
A 'keydoor' for you.
It has some neat mechanical latches that open before the door.
Again here EutecTic has shown his skills in creating something truly mechanical.
Created by: EutecTic
04/26/98 (5k) -qED .qgp (6k) -Qoole .qle (13k) -Worldcraft .ol
Sub Hatch
Sub hatch style rotating door with a latching hinge made from func_trains (80 x 108 x 16) with additional sound effects.
More details in the zipfile.
Created by: EutecTic
03/25/98 (5k) -qED .qgp (5k) -Qoole .qle (7k) -Worldcraft .ol
Hexiris Door
Hexagonal shaped, iris opening door made from 6 func_trains (192 x 164 x 32) with triggers and target_speakers to give it a "real" operating door sound. Beware that the operation is not perfect and tiny gaps develop between the individual door panels after it has been operated once. Careful lighting will help in hiding those to the player.
Created by: EutecTic
03/25/98 (4k) -qED .qgp (4k) -Qoole .qle (5k) -Worldcraft .ol
Rotating Door
A rotating door with large hinges recessed into the wall and welded onto the door. Activated by a switch on both sides of the door.
Created by: Matthew "Bushboy" Trow
03/25/98 (3k) -qED .qgp (4k) -Qoole .qle (6k) -Worldcraft .ol
Chain Bar Windows
A pair of windows with a chain bar in the center.
Nice job on these windows. These are similar to the ones seen in e1u1 I think.
Created by: Noel Weer
03/13/98 (3k) -qED .qgp (3k) -Qoole .qle (4k) -Worldcraft .ol
Security Door
It's a large "security door" with timed latches. This thing works like a charm. There are 8 timed func_button entities that have additional sounds for a great effect. Good for a keyed door. Read the text file for extra info.
Created by: EutecTic
03/14/98 (5k) -qED .qgp (6k) -Qoole .qle (8k) -Worldcraft .ol
Hanger Door
A large hanger door sent in by Sagnor.
The "teeth" on the bottom are meant to close into the floor.
Created by: Sagnor
03/13/98 (3k) -qED .qgp (4k) -Qoole .qle (2k) -Worldcraft .ol
Mine Door 2
Another submission from Sagnor...
This time it's a door using the mine textures from Q2.
Most of the mine textures should fit if you want retexture it.
Created by: Sagnor
02/26/98 (2k) -qED .qgp (2k) -Qoole .qle (3k) -Worldcraft .ol
Iris Door
An 'iris door' for your Q2 levels.
Four doors open at offset angles to create a nice effect.
Nice use of textures here...
Created by: Sagnor
02/24/98 (9k) -qED .qgp (10k) -Qoole .qle (10k) -Worldcraft .ol
Azr Q2 Door
A Quake 2 door made by 'yours truly'...
Used vertex editing to align the doors and frame with the texture (seems a perfect fit)
Two doors open to the left and right and the third opens upward.
The doors open at the seam in the textures.(check the screen shot)
Created by: AzrKnight
02/22/98 (2k) -qED .qgp (2k) -Qoole .qle (3k) -Worldcraft .ol
Mine Door
I did a little vertex editing and took out a couple overlapping brushes that were causing a seam.
A Quake 2 door I originally made for a Quake 1 prefab converted back over to Quake 2.
There are 2 func_door entities "teamed" so they are in synch with each other.
Created by: AzrKnight
*Updated 02/26/98 (2k) -qED .qgp (2k) -Qoole .qle (3k) -Worldcraft .ol
Exit Door
This is more or less the same as above but EutecTic took the time to convert it so here it is.
Slight texture changes make this an exit door...
Created by: AzrKnight
Reworked by: EutecTic
02/22/98 (2k) -qED .qgp (2k) -Qoole .qle (3k) -Worldcraft .ol
Another submission from EutecTic:
Quake2 typical doorway (128 x 128). Light brush on ceiling has a light emitting texture set at 10000 by default (e1u1/ceil1_1). Made to be inserted in a 32 unit thick wall.
Created by: EutecTic
02/22/98 (2k) -qED .qgp (2k) -Qoole .qle (3k) -Worldcraft .ol