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: : A r c a n u m [posted 18.04.2009 01:21]

As Tronyn says the progress with Arcanum mod is pretty good. Final polishing, betatesting and release is to come soon.

: : U p d a t e [posted 23.02.2009 14:01]

Well, I promised to make uptades at least monthly. I supposed so, but the things went another way. I had a HDD crash and therefore had to by a new HDD for my laptop. Then a lot of time took the restoring of the information. Fortunately my map projects were successfully ressurected. But because of my job I have to little time for mapping or other creatity these days. I hope that will change soon.

: : W a s t e l a n d [posted 22.11.2008 15:01]

Here's a new track from me. It was written as a part of the soundtrack for my upcoming q4sp level. Download Wasteland.

: : U p d a t e ! [posted 12.10.2008 13:12]

Well, here's the first update for a very long time. Let me apologise for such a long silence. First I had problems with connecting to my host and was very busy with real life to find time to fix it. Then I put to sea for 6 months. I've been all over the world from Korea to Brazil, including Europe. Now I'm back, everything is fixed. So now I plan to make updates at least monthly.
A lot of new stuff is to come. New photos I made with my new camera, new music, and probably soon.. a new map. Tronyn says that his arcane maps are rather close to be finished. And also I made a lot of progress with my q4sp map.

: : P l a g u e I n t e r i o r [posted 22.11.2007 21:03]

Another update and another new track from me. This time it's a brand new dark ambient thing called Plague interior [entrance]. This one is my favorite so far.

: : M i s s e d F r a g m e n t s [posted 23.10.2007 02:20]

I uploded another track, it is called Missed Fragments. I made it quite a long time ago but publish it only now. It's a minimalistic slow track even with text.
Another thing about me is that I moved back to Rostov-on-Don permanently and have a full internet access any time. By the way I also try myself in mapping for Doom 3 engine. You have a chance to see a Quake 4 map probably (if I ever finish it).

: : N i n e I n c h N a i l s L i v e [posted 10.08.2007 06:12]

I attented a great show on the 1st of August. Nine Inch Nails have recently started their new tour. The first concert of this tour took place in Moscow, DS Luzhniki. It was the best live performance I've ever seen. Trent Reznor seems to have something inside that most of the other musicians or bands don't have. Unfortunatelly there wasn't allowed to use any cameras during the concert, therefore no photos from me.

: : I n d u s t r i a l P h o t o U p d a t e [posted 30.07.2007 21:17]

I spent some time walking through the industrial areas of Novorossiysk with my camera. My main objects were the cement factory "Novoroscement", the ruins of the builing that was bombed during the World War 2 (it was pretty scary to walk inside of it) and some old grain elevators. You can see the result in the industrial section. Btw this section contains 6 pages since today.

: : K u p a l a 2 0 0 7 [posted 03.07.2007 16:17]

Once again we celebrated the biggest Slavic event - the day of Ivan Kupala. It's almost the only pagan holiday that is still celebrated by many people in Russia, both Christians and people of native belief. It's a day of birth, but also the day of death. It is said that it's the best day for weddings.
This Kupala wasn't as complex and interesting as the previous one, but the quality of our native clothes was much better. Jumping through the fire, bathing in the sea (there wasn't any river nearby), some strength competitions, the ritual of death. And then a lot of drinking and eating native food of Slavs that was prepared especially for this event.

: : P a i n [posted 07.06.2007 01:17]

I visited the concert of Pain in Krasnodar some time ago. It was fantastic, the best live performance I've ever seen. Peter Tägtgren seems to contain a giant piece of positive energy. The audience was very impressed. Peter's words after performing Shut your mouth were "Crazy russians!". He told that he would probably visit Krasnodar again with his Hypocrisy project next time.
Here's also an another electronic track from me. It's a slow and soft thing called Leaking Feather.

: : P h o t o s U p d a t e [posted 19.04.2007 21:01]

Another update of the photo section is done. Some new pics are available.
Also I spent some time working on my new map for arcane project. Tronyn appears online from time to time, he's making some progress too.
And I recently visited the concert of Marduk. It's a true-black metal band from Sweden. Nice painted guys. There were also playing such bands as Perun, Intruder, Shatter and Devilish Impressions.

: : M a j o r U p d a t e [posted 25.03.2007 18:07]

It's been a long time since the previous update. I was very busy with real life issues such as studying, moving from one city to another and so on. But now I'm able to make the first update in 2007. Here comes a lot of stuff.
I made some changes to the design of the site. You'll see some new bars on the right side of the pages, such as work in progress bar in the maps section, my camera bar in the photo section and my music and about me bars in the links section.
And something more about the music I make from time to time. I uploaded two brand new tracks: the first one is called Emotion, it's kinda dark but probably needs some better mastering, and the second one is rather short-titled track Pulsing Way Through The Gates Of The Last One Standing, it's my first attempt to create dark ambient sound.

: : C h a o s W i t h i n [posted 30.12.2006 18:22]

New year is very close so I returned back home for holidays. I wish luck to everyone in the new 2007 year.
So I uploaded another track that I made. It is called Chaos within. You can download it from here.

: : A D S L [posted 29.11.2006 19:03]

Today I switched from my old and slow dial-up internet to the fast and modern ADSL connection. Now I have a speed of 8 Mbit/s. Also that means that I can be found online not only late at night, but also in the daylight.

: : F i n a l E x a m s [posted 23.11.2006 01:26]

Once again I returned from Novorossiysk. After about 2 months of my offline life I can proudly say that I have successfully passed the state exams. No more exams at all. So I'll graduate from my Academy in a couple of months. Apart from this I also finished my education at the military faculty of my academy. I hope I'll never see those dumb military officers again.
On my mapping front I was working with my map for Arcane project quite a lot these weeks. Probably something will appear soon.
And an another update of the photo section has been made. I added macro section there but it's rather small so far.

: : T r o u b l e d T i m e [posted 01.10.2006 01:47]

I'm back home for a while and therefore I'm able to update my site. The main event of these weeks was Troubled Time game. It was a two days role-playing game we made in Novorossiysk. It was fun, very fun. I'm waiting for the next part of it. Maybe it will be next spring.
Also I celebrated my bday about a week ago. Getting older... hmmm

: : P h o t o s U p d a t e [posted 03.09.2006 17:23]

Finally I managed to force myself to update the photo section with another bunch of various pics.
The other thing is that I'm leaving Rostov again in a few days. I have to do it to pass my last exams again. If everything turns out good for me (I pray for it) I'll come back home soon. But if not... hm I don't want to think about it.

: : B L I K 2 0 0 6 [posted 01.09.2006 02:03]

Well, summer has ended and today is the first day of autumn 2006. Fortunately or unfortunately, but it is so.
So I celebrated it by going to BLIK 2006. In fact it was a role-playing game, but me and my friends went there just to spend a good week-end in the woods without bothering ourselves with anything. Just woods, tents, sleeping bags, friends and some drinking. It was a great weekend.

: : F l o w I n s i d e [posted 23.08.2006 01:32]

I uploaded a new track that I made in FL Studio. It's a slow and relaxing thing called Flow Inside. You can download it from here.
More updates including photos are to come soon.

: : H o m e [posted 22.08.2006 22:53]

Finally I came back home from Novorossiysk. Rostov-on-Don, my city.. It is always good to return.
I installed Arcanum a few days ago. It is a great game, old but fantastic. The fantasy/steampunk mix is very interesting thing there: magic and technology, sword and riffle, elves and mechanoids are combined well in one world called Arcanum.

: : T h e E n d O f Q E x p o [posted 05.08.2006 14:39]

Well, QExpo 2006 has ended. Many interesting things happened those 10 days, some were really interesting like interview with John Romero or a few map releases. But unfortunately we didn't manage to release our mod... Tronyn still has problems with his pc and therefore his map. I hope we'll finish it someday and I hope it will be soon. Screenshots can be found on my booth.
On the other note, I finished Far Cry a few days ago. It was fun. And also I finished Quake 4 on the hard difficulty yesterday night. I love this game. Now I'm looking for a new game to be finished next. Right now I think about RTS or RPG to play, because I got tired of playing FPS games for last hmm... many months.

: : T h e D a y O f P e r u n [posted 23.07.2006 22:55]

Yesterday we celebrated another pagan holiday - The Day of Perun. It was fun, we made a wooden idol of Perun and carried out some rituals. Unfortunately my camera's accumulators died after 7 photos, so no pics from this event so far.
The other thing is that I installed FL Studio a few days ago. A quite nice program for making electronic music, played with it and made a small intro in 15 minutes. Though I don't know notes and I can't play piano (I think at least so far). Who knows, maybe later I'll be able to make something interesting.

: : Q u a k e E x p o 2 0 0 6 [posted 17.07.2006 17:03]

Quake Expo 2006 has started today. It's a 10 days event when everyone (mapper,coder,player) can release and promote his own Quake (Quake2 and Quake3:arena) related stuff. This QExpo is special, because it's 10th anniversary Quake Expo. So I'm waiting for something special coming soon. The official QExpo site can be found here.

: : P h o t o s U p d a t e [posted 09.07.2006 17:25]

I have finally made a major update to the photo section. I added new photos to all of the categories. Also I made a new one. Miscellaneous section contains different photos that I can't determine for other categories. And macro section will appear very soon.

: : K u p a l a [posted 26.06.2006 00:11]

We were preparing hard and a long time and finally we have celebrated the day of Ivan Kupala. It's a major Slavs pagan event. We digged a lot of information to make this day as close to the original as possible. It was after midnight, everyone was wearing native clothes. We did a lot of rituals like ablution with water and fire, ousting the death and many other things. I spent a great day and got a lot of inspiration. I hope it will help me on my mapping front too.

: : I n t r u d e r [posted 18.06.2006 19:26]

Yesterday I got a new record of the local techno-death metal project Intruder. Their third track called Antithesis of... was made at the record point of the power-progressive band Talion. I wish luck to both projects and waiting for their first albums.
Also we are preparing to celebrate the pagan holiday the day of Ivan Kupala. It's really close.
And the last thing: I added two more photos in the girls section. More photos and sections are on the way.

: : D e b u g g i n g [posted 09.06.2006 23:23]

Well, I noticed that my site contained quite a lot of bugs. I fixed some of them, but I'm sure that bugs still exist somewhere here. If you find them please let me know. Links section now works, but it is still far from perfect (because creating links section without being online is rather hard). I'll add more links soon. Also I plan to add more photos (and some new photo sections).
And some words about mapping. I plan to release a map (a mod with Tronyn) for this QExpo, but my editor suddenly started to act strange. Buggy... So now I have some problems with finishing my map.

: : Q u a k e P u l s e [posted 29.05.2006 16:15]

Today I'm proud to tell that my new site entitled QuakePulse is now finished and opened for everyone. I want to thank Spirit who hosted me on his domain. I made this site because my previous one was deleted by evil admins while I've been away and had no possibility to update it. But if you try to remember quakemaps.nm.ru you'll find some difference. At first this one has got a new design (though I'm not sure it's good). Second, it has got new sections news and photo. In the first one I'll post some quake related and not related bullshit rather frequently (at least I think so). In the second one you will find some photos I made using my new camera. I'm sorry but links section doesn't work so far. I'll finish it soon and my site will be 100% working

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