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Hot arena (telejano quake v7) - 73kb Hot arena (telejano quake v7) - 25kb Hot arena (telejano quake v7) - 56kb

It is small cavern map, where you will to run on the small bridges over lava.
There's no place to hide in this map. So move faster, shot sharper and watch under your feet:)) to survive there.

Type: DM
Size: 120 KB

Damned rock (tenebrae quake v1.3) - 77kb Damned rock (tenebrae quake v1.3) - 49kb Damned rock (tenebrae quake v1.3) - 56kb

This is my another early map situated at mountains. It is not large, but it has very dynamic gameplay. You will find all types of weapons here and also invulnerability and quad damage.
I used mostly Half-Life and Counter-Strike textures in this map.

Type: DM
Size: 318 KB

Labyrinth of Death (telejano quake v7) - 33kb Labyrinth of Death (telejano quake v7) - 26kb Labyrinth of Death (telejano quake v7) - 84kb

If you like walking in tangled labyrinths this is map for you.
This is the ancient labyrinth with secrets, traps, secret doors and of course with dangerous monsters. Can you find the exit from the Labyrinth of Death and see the daylight again?
Don't play this map if you're claustrophobic.
note: it's one of my first maps, so don't blame me for it's being so plain.

Type: SP
Size: 163 KB

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