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Users Online

News posted by Horn at Mon Jul 30, 2001 00:12:04

Well, I'm glad its over. It was great fun and it turned out better than I expected to, but I think I speak for the entire staff when I say that we need to go take a nap. As for the site, it will remain up in its current form until either my host goes under (not likely) or I run out of money to pay my host (again, not likely). I will be putting together an iso (a cd image) that will include all of the booths and their downloads. A note to anyone whose booth is in violation of the three rules: your booth will not be included in this iso unless you fix your booth (no nonquake things, all files have to be on the qexpo servers, and no warez/porno). I will make that avalable after its done, which will most likely be in 2-3 weeks. I will be closing the booth edit page in a few days to preserve this site as best I can. Those who want to do any wrap-ups, do them quickly. The edit page will most likely be closed Wednesday.
With all that said, I hope you all enjoyed the show that we put on for you. It was nice to see this old community so full of life. I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the expo. There are a few people I would like to point out in particular. CocoT did an amazing job with updating the news and running the speed events. CocoT was also the one who first proposed the idea over at Inside3d's forums. Big cudos to him. FrikaC helped me keep my head together at the beginning of this event with the pre-expo gitters and the crashing of the server on the first day. nane and JBallou helped me create this wonderful site before you now (believe me, it wouldn't have as nice if it wasn't for those two). The kind folks at Innergamer provided us with spiffy QW servers and a chat room (which got a fair ammount of traffic ;). I know there are people I'm going to forget, so sorry if you're not included in the list.
I'm sad to see this end, but like all good things it must. Thanks for stopping by.

QExpo Officially Closed

News posted by NaNe at Sun Jul 29, 2001 22:15:38

It is with a confident and swift motion that I hereby officially close Quake Expo 2001's doors. I am proud to say that I think the event was highly successful and I would like to thank everyone involved on this side of the news script as well as the other. I trust E-werd has a nice, large list for his credit map.

Also, for those of you concerned, the site will remain functional and the files should remain intact... for now anyway. Though, I know of no plans to move or remove them. So, it's a safe bet to say they'll be staying put.

Well, now that it's all over, we want to know what you think! Head on over to the QExpo forums and post your thoughts and comments here!

TEAMShambler Update

News posted by NaNe at Sun Jul 29, 2001 21:07:22

Shambler has updated his booth with a final article for the expo. It summarizes all the current SP projects currently in development. Go to it!

He's further posted a review of CZG's 100 brush submission CZGToxic: Biotoxin.

RPGSP1 Released!

News posted by NaNe at Sun Jul 29, 2001 19:12:46

RPG has released RPGSP1, Penile Devastation. Grab it right now! RPG has also been kind enough to release the source files for RPGSP1. You can download them here.

CocoT is leaving the building

News posted by CocoT at Sun Jul 29, 2001 18:50:35

I know it's not totally over yet, I know I'll probably be making a few more anouncements here on the QExpo site, but QExpo *is* nearing the end, and I felt like posting a little note about it. Because I'm a lazy man, I'll just copy-paste what I said on my booth:

It looks like QExpo is nearing the end. I don't know about you, but I found this has been a pretty crazy week and that, on the whole, it really kicked ass. Of course it could have been better, of course we might want to correct some stuff if there is to be another QExpo but, and I think you'd agree with me, I believe QExpo was way better than what some people had foreseen and that we can, without sounding pedantic, call it the biggest on-line event the Quake1 community has ever experienced.
Even though I ain't leaving yet, I'd like to take the time to congratulate everyone who participated in QExpo and made it what it was. Without all the modders, mappers, engine-coders, skinners, modelers,
texturers, reviewers and sound-artists, there would have been no QExpo. The core idea and the site were there, of course, but all you guys managed to make the best out of it and you can be proud of yourselves. You have proven(if it was needed) that the Quake1 community will still be rocking for the years to come.
Of course, a special "thank you" to Horn and nane, who made a wonderful job in designing and running the site, FrikaC for entering in contact with the cool people over on innergamer and for taking care of running servers, Paul for supervising the two Speed-Mapping events,TeamShambler for the incredible amount of articles he has written and PappyR for offering QExpo a good PlanetQuake coverage. And since I'm at it, I'd like to thank all the sites which linked to us, friend sites like OpenQuake,Inside3D,OpenSource,Qmap, Botepidemic, MultiplayerQuake
, QMass, Quake Terminus, Syndicate Quake Clan ... and probably some others that I forgot about (sorry guys). Among the more general gaming sites I'd wish to thank for their coverage are Game-Mods (these people were the first to post about us after we sent the official press release), TheBackBurner,Gamedesign, Mindless Games, Polycount, BluesNews, and Planete Mods. I also forgot a few ones, I'm sure, I aplogize in anticipation.
After "thank you's", I think I should also give out some "go to hell's", so you guys know which news sites to avoid from now on. I'm not going to mention small-to-medium sites (because these ones do not always update regularly and they aren't professional sites, so I "forgive" them). But ... I'd like to say to Telefragged,, Stomped,, Besmella-Quake, and the Challenge sites that well, it's too bad (for them) that QExpo went on so well because now, they definitely look *very* uncool for deciding to ignore it and the press release made about it.

That is all! I hope you had fun participating in QExpo, either as actors or spectators, and I'm eager to see you guys around #qc, #terrafusion, #speedq1 and, of course #qexpo (I don't know how much time that one will still be up, though) for more Quake1 goodness. Remember, QExpo is almost over, but we are
all still there to make Quake1 kick ass for years to come! :-)

1999 Quake1 gems

News posted by CocoT at Sun Jul 29, 2001 16:33:49

[Kona] continues to update his booth with reviews of the best Quake1 maps of the past. 1999 is now the year tackled and "Bestial Devastation" by Damaul was the map chosen this time.

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow ...

News posted by CocoT at Sun Jul 29, 2001 15:38:34

"Yellow Snow" is the title of Krimzon's last map. It's a nice 1on1 map which comes together with a FrikBot waypoint file and a lit file. You can download it HERE.

Krimzon and Tomaz's speed-engines

News posted by CocoT at Sun Jul 29, 2001 15:33:13

Better late than never ... I've uploaded the result of the Speed-EngineCoding pack HERE. You'll find here the executables of our two participants, Tomaz and Krimzon. The theme was: "Add ANY kind of visual effect relating to the use of one or several power-ups. The effect can take place in the hub, onscreen or in the way other players view the player using the power-up(s)".

Since I didn't find anyone willing to replace me for the Speed-SpeedRunning event of today, there's no one supervising it. Drop by #speedq1 in all cases and, if you find enough people hanging around there eager to speed-speedrun, maybe you can improvise something ;-)


News posted by NaNe at Sun Jul 29, 2001 13:39:32

NotoriousRay has released a weapon add-on. Grab it here!

Also, he's posted a summary of the things he was involved with during the expo as well as a preview of his SP project. Check it out!.

Ridin Low in QExpo with Plumb

News posted by Horn at Sat Jul 28, 2001 22:27:13

The kind folks over at False Epiphany have released a cool mp3 that Plumb has put together. Go check it out.

E-Werd needs you

News posted by CocoT at Sat Jul 28, 2001 17:58:32

This is the last call for everyone eager to be part of E-werd's QExpo credits map. Read what E-werd has to say about it: "I am creating a QExpo credits map, as many of u already know, i'm just giving 1 last call. Email me at and put your info in this order: Firstname(Nickname)Last name, emailaddress. OR if u don't want ur first and last name revealed: Nickname, email address."

Kell's Maps Reviewed

News posted by NaNe at Sat Jul 28, 2001 15:41:55

DaZ has reviewed Kell's latest releases over at MPQ. He's also posted links to them on his booth under Day #8.

Good reasons why Q1 SP Mapping still rocks

News posted by CocoT at Sat Jul 28, 2001 11:43:02

TeamShambler graces QExpo with a very interesting and personal article indeed called "Why Quake is still at the cutting edge of single player mapping". This is a very good read and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as Shambler enjoyed writing it.

Kell is unstoppable

News posted by CocoT at Sat Jul 28, 2001 11:39:58

Believe it or not, Kell has released on his booth three, yes THREE new maps! That makes a total of 8 maps released during QExpo. Wow ... The new maps are "Ethernaut", "Heart Of The Heathen" and "In The Dark Decayed". Thanks for all these goodies, Kell!

My interview with AJay ...

News posted by CocoT at Sat Jul 28, 2001 11:35:01

Go check my booth for an interview of AJay, the creator of the well-known Raptor mod, Blair With Project and one of the leading figures of the Dreamcast Quake community!

Electro's Quake1 : Arena is IN the buidling

News posted by CocoT at Sat Jul 28, 2001 10:12:11

Go quick to Electro's Booth and download version 0.7 of this Quake3-look-alike! Electro has JUST uploaded it HERE. Plans are that version 0.75 should be out soon and that the CTF Frikbots could hit the streets before the end of the week.

Screenshot frenzy

News posted by CocoT at Sat Jul 28, 2001 06:21:30

QExpo is almost over, but, along with files, screenshots, too, keep on flooding. Among the latest are ...
... stunning screenshots of Elek's map in construction. Industrial in look, the map might become part of a larger map pack by the mapping guru.
... pics over on Gilt's Booth. These are shots from various maps Gilt are currently working on and they really look good:-)
... screenies from "Return to Faith" by Xenon, a three-level single-player episode which is available HERE. Go get it!
... links to screenshots on Shambler's Booth regarding a map by RocketBob.

And what would be a screenshot update without booth babes? It would be like a Belgian eating his fries without mayonnaise. So check the bunnies here, here and there.

The Shambler strikes again ...

News posted by CocoT at Sat Jul 28, 2001 06:02:45

... this time with a very informative article on what do to and what not to do when you're a newbie mapper (the articles contains useful tips by masters in the field) and a review of the very-recently-released Operation Urth Majik.

FBX's first official waypack

News posted by CocoT at Sat Jul 28, 2001 05:39:47

... and it all happens over the booth of the best-known waypointer out there, Quest, of course. Supported maps are: aerowalk, becoming, chesdm2, chesdm3, jvoxdm3, mcmdm04, ratpure1 and veddm7. You can download the pack HERE.
Speaking of FBX, note that FrikaC has released an extra info file over on his booth, which you can get HERE.

Angel of Disease releases

News posted by CocoT at Sat Jul 28, 2001 05:34:00

It's finally there! Head over Angel of Disease's booth, check the kick-ass screenshots and download all the needed files! The mod contains loads of new weapons, loads of goodies (grenades, flahlights ... etc ...) and, of course, loads of zombies :-)

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