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» Custom map speedrun demos
» Coop custom map speedrun demos

What are speedrun demos:
A "speedrun" is a run through a single player map in the fastest time possible, avoiding monsters, and using trick jumps to take major shortcuts through the map. The runner works out the best and fastest route, shortcuts, and tricks throughout the map, and records a demo of the fastest time. Made popular by the Quake done Quick movies and Speed Demos Archive demos, these demos are often rather entertaining, due to the very fast playing, and the extreme and unusual trick moves involved.

My speedrun demos:
I'm an experienced speedrunner with a total of 48 runs posted at the Speed Demos Archive (of which 3 still remain as records). However, I don't share the 1337 skillz of the best SDA runners, instead I am very good at pioneering new routes and tricks, thus I do a lot of demos on new maps. Many of the runs on this page have never been seen at SDA, so this is the only place you will find them. Almost all of these runs involve cool tricks and shortcuts, rather than just a straight run through the map, and all runs, including a few where I beat established SDA records, are new routes or runs which I found myself. Please note that you require the levels to watch these demos, and a few of these runs are on levels that aren't quite good enough to review or recommend on my list - but they still are okay levels. This list is in alphabetical order, with the best and most entertaining runs I have marked with an *R* The list also includes 5 Coop speedruns, which were completed on a LAN with my friend SCRAD - these use cool tricks that wouldn't be possible in single player. For other Quake custom map demos, including maps reviewed at this site, you should visit SDA.

Speedrun demos for other games:
As well as Quake custom maps, I have also pioneered speedruns for many other games, almost all of which are exclusive and/or the first ever runs, therefore the demos are not available anywhere else:
TEAMShambler FPS Demos and Discussion: First ever and unique speedrun demos for: Daikatana in-game maps, Quake 2 custom maps, The Reckoning and Zaero mission packs, Unreal ingame maps, custom maps, Return to Na Pali mission pack and UT custom map, Wheel of Time, and Half-Life. This site also includes many original trick move demos for Quake, Q2 and Q3A.

To play Quake demos, follow these instructions:
Put the .dem file in your Id1 folder. Start Quake, go to the console and type:
"playdemo "demoname""
where "demoname" is the name of the .dem file. Then hit the console key again, to ensure it does not remain 1/2 down and obscure the demo. Some demos may be on .pak levels, in which case place the .dem file in the new folder that contains the .pak file, start Quake as for that level, then play the demo as normal.

Speedrun demos:

A3: "The Journey Home" - Easy run in 1:05, *R*

Aopv105c: Abyss of Pandemonium Episode 2: Aop2m2: "Carnage Castle" - Easy run in 1:08

ADD: "A Desert Dusk" - Easy run in 0:37, *R*

Armorgod: "Armour of the Gods" - Nightmare run in 0:33

Assassin: "Assassin" - Easy run in 0:35, Nightmare run in 0:34, *R*

Badpak: "Bad Pak" - Easy runs of all 4 maps in one zip, *R* (Ih1m1 in 0:14, Ih1m2 in 0:39, Ih1m3 in 0:19, Ih1m4 in 0:35)

Castled: "Castled!" - Easy run in 0:29, *R*

Chessp1: "Shrine of Skank" - Easy run in 0:28, *R*

Coagula2_flesh: "Flesh" - Easy run in 0:18

Coagula3_bone: "BONE" - Nightmare run in 0:05

Colony2: "The Culling Station" - Easy run in 0:21, *R*

Commctr: "The Comm Center" - Nightmare run in 1:13

Czg04: "Numb Nimbus" - Easy run in 0:52, *R*

Czg07: " Insomnia" - Easy runs of: Czg07b in 0:52 and Czg07c in 0:42

Czgtoxic: "Biotoxin" - Easy run in 0:34, *R*

Damaul6: "Bestial Devastation" - Easy run in 1:17, *R*

Darkness: "The Darkness Within" - Easy run in 0:54, *R*

Dazsp3 "Ground Zero" - Easy run in 1:31

Descent: Des1m5: "The Fallen Palace" - Easy run in 1:00

Discord2: "Discordia II" - Easy run in 0:43

Dm1m2: "Stronghold of the Battereds" - Easy run in 1:01

Dxm: "Dextromethorphan" - Easy run in 0:26, *R*

Dxm: "Dextromethorphan" - Easy run in 0:35

E-5: "Pak 5" - Easy run of Map 3 in 0:49

Elektra: "The Elektra Complex" - Nightmare run in 0:22

Evilwrld: "Evilworld 1" - Nightmare run in 0:44

Fmb6: "For my Babies 6" - Easy run in 1:25

Fromhell: "From Hell" - Easy run in 2:06

Genetix: "Genetix Facility" - Nightmare run in 0:52

Golgotha: "Castle Golgotha" - Easy run of Map 1 in 0:30

Gor1: "Gods of Rapture" - Easy run in 1:02

Ikspq3: "Halls of the Shambler God" - Nightmare run in 0:20

Jzspq3: "Blue Hell" - Easy runs of all 4 maps in one zip (including Map 1 in 0:16, Map 2 in 0:16, Map 3 in 0:06, Map 4 in 0:13)

Lastgame: "The Last Game" - Easy run of Map 2 in: 0:15, *R*

Lisland: "Lost Island" - Easy run of map 2 in 0:49

Losttec: "The Lost Tech Centre" - Easy run in 0:46

LS: "LS" - Easy run in 0:46

Lthsp5: "Exodus" - Easy run in 0:12, *R*

Mexx10: "Cassandra Calamity" - Easy run of Map 1 in 2:18

Nehahra: Neh1m4: "Grind Core" - Easy run in 0:26 *R*
Nehahra: Neh2m5: "Dreams Made Flesh" - Easy run in 1:14
Nehahra: Nehsec: "Ogre's Bane" - Easy run in 0:17, *R*

Obiwan2: "Office of the Dead" - Easy run in 1:28

Obiwan3: "Blood of the Martyrs" - Easy run in 0:56

Oblivion: "Castle of Oblivion" - Easy run in 0:15, *R*

Out1: "Out of Time" - Easy run in 1:15

PB1: "Darkness Diabolical" - Easy run in 0:46, Nightmare run in 0:47

PB2: "SoulGrinder" - Nightmare run in 1:39

Polygon2: "Polygon Base" - Easy run in 0:09, Nightmare run in 0:09, *R*

Prey2: "Prey2" - Easy run in 1:15

Rc1: "The Frater Fracas" - Easy run in 1:11 *R*

Rc2: "Swamp" - Easy run in 1:16

Real: "Far Beyond Reality" - Easy run in 1:16

Rettear: "Retinal Tear" - Nightmare run in 1:12

Rit: "Escape the Base" - Easy run in 1:03

Rit2: "Escape the Castle" - Easy run in 0:54

Rpgsp1: "Penile Devastation" - Easy run in 0:48, *R*

SBE: "Scragbait Estate" - Easy run in 1:18, *R*

Sadlark7: "Dig Me No Grave" - Easy run in 1:14

Sgodrune: "The Tale of Abbot's Rune" - Nightmare run in 0:58 (including Map 1 in 0:22 and Map 2 in 0:36), *R*

SPD: "Symbiotic Pipe Dream" - Easy run in 0:11

Tefdbl3: "Halls of Artemis/Apollo's Domain" - Easy run of both maps in 1:37, including HOA in 1:00 and AD in 0:37

Thecrypt: "The Crypt" - Nightmare run in 0:58

TMC: "The Monolith Complex" - Easy run in 1:05

Tohnsay: "The Tohnsay Predicament" - Easy run in 0:07, Nightmare run in 0:07

Trr: "The Ruiner's Revulsion" - Easy run in 0:26, Nightmare run in 0:27, *R*

Trr: "The Ruiner's Revulsion" - Easy run in 0:55, Nightmare run in 0:56, *R*

TSPE: "The Grinding of Teeth" - Easy run in 0:31, *R*

Wieder: "Salvation" - Nightmare run in 1:03

Wishes: "The Well of Wishes" - Easy run in 0:43

Zerstörer: Zer1m5: "Blutsturz" - Easy run in 1:17, *R*

Coop speedrun demos:

Alpha001: "The Alpha Project" - Nightmare co-op run with SCRAD in 0:08, *R*

Damaul3: "Suicide Nation" - Easy co-op run with SCRAD in 0:50, *R* (including Map 1 in 0:19 and Map 2 in 0:31).

Desout: "Desolate Outpost" - Nightmare co-op run with SCRAD in 0:40, *R*

Dxm: "Dextromethorphan" - Nightmare co-op run with SCRAD in 0:10, *R*

Genetix: "Genetix Facility" - Nightmare co-op run with SCRAD in 0:32