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These are a few questions about the site that I can anticipate people asking. If you have a question, please read this section carefully as I may have an answer here. Otherwise, feel free to email me about it.

1. What are the requirements for viewing this site?
Any resolution from 800x600 upwards, any colour settings, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or any other browser, with images and Javascript enabled. Javascript is used on the Latest Reviews page, to forward you to the latest reviews (this makes it easier to update). Because this script automatically forwards you, you can't use your browsers "Back" button on the Latest Reviews page - instead use the side menu to navigate. If you don't have Javascript enabled, and the Latest Reviews page doesn't forward you, you can get to the latest reviews through the Reviews by date page.

2. Where can I contact Shambler?
Shambler is no longer available to be contacted concerning this site. Please check Style, Submit, Help or FAQ pages, as your query is probably answered one on of those pages.

3. I'm new to Quake/custom maps, which ones should I play?
The very best levels, old and new, have been promoted by myself for PlanetQuake's Level Of The Week. Aside from that: For levels reviewed at this site, there is no ranking - you will have to read the reviews to find the best levels. For older levels, see the List page, which has a vaguely ranked list of recommended older levels.

4. I don't like your reviews/recommendations, what can I do about it?
You can tell me about it and discuss it with me. I am prepared to listen to serious and reasonable complaints and criticism, and I am quite happy to justify anything I write on this site. Although I aim specifically for clear, objective and balanced reviews, a certain amount of subjectiveness or misinterpretation cannot be avoided, so if you have any disagreements with my reviewing, feel free to tell me. The same applies to any suggestions or ideas you think would benefit the site and thus the Q1 SP scene - email me and I'll see what I can do.

5. Have you made your own levels?
No, I haven't. The simple reason is that it looks like a lot of effort, and I cannot be bothered to learn. I do have *many* very good ideas for plenty of Quake, Quake2, Unreal, UT and Daikatana levels, and were I to learn to make levels, I would ensure that I only released excellent ones - as there is no point in releasing anything less. However, I got a PC solely to play FPS games, and thus know nothing about programming, editing or such-like. I feel I can provide a good service by promoting high quality levels that others have made.

6. What about other FPS games?
I do play other FPS games and review levels for some. This is a list of the sites I have run / worked for and what games they cover:

TEAMShambler FPS Demos and Discussion: (Note, almost all content is exclusive to this site). Quake - custom map trick move demos, Quake2 - mission pack and custom map speedrun demos, Id map trick move demos, Oblivion review, Zaero review, recommended SP maps list, Unreal / UT - Epic map, mission pack and custom map speedrun demos, definitive recommended SP maps list, Half-Life - speedrun demo, Xen article, Wheel of Time - Illhaven map review, Q3A - basic trick demos, Daikatana - speedrun demos, overall DK article, Serious Sam - first review of the first test. Various views, articles, and demo reviews for many other games.

TEAMShambler HIR BZ II IA Map Reviews: Battlezone2 - single player/instant action map reviews 2000 - 2001.

Nali City: Unreal and UT single player map reviews 1999 - 2001.

PlanetDaikatana: Daikatana - several articles written for the site.

7. What about deathmatch maps?
I like custom Q1 DM maps - I've downloaded at least 1000, and played a few hundred against bots to try them out. However, I have always much prefered single player, and this site works best by supporting that one specific aspect of Quake maps.

8. Can we know a bit more about you, Shambler?

9. Copyrights:
A. All material, writing, graphics and designs on this site (including all pages that make up the site) are © 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, Shambler.
B. None of the material, writing nor designs on this site can be used by others without my explicit written permission.

10. Disclaimer:
The Shambler cannot be held responsible for anything at all, and certainly not:
A. Lack of comprehension of the ordering/style/abbreviations/comments.
B. Disagreement with any/all of the recommendations.
C. Inability to find any/all maps.
D. Lack of enjoyment while playing any/all maps.
E. Boredom due to preference of DM over SP.
F. Contempt for Quake due to narrow minded obsession with other FPS games.
G. Maps not running properly on the player's computer.
H. Damage caused to computer/self caused by using the maps or indeed viewing this site.
All of this information is potentially correct at the time of writing, but there is no guarantee of that, and to be honest I would be very surprised if *any* of it was correct.