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Note: Links in the Old News pages may no longer be valid.

Month of Monday 22nd October - Sunday 25th November 2001: News Summary:

Site closed.
No new Q1 SP levels released nor reviewed.
New level news from: Syrion - shots; Bnayni Software - info, shots; Kona - shots; Skynet - info, shots.
SDA opened new levels for speedrunning including: ABW, Czg03, Kjsp1, Perssp2 (reviewed), and TFL (recommended).

Month of Monday 24th September - Sunday 21st October 2001: News Summary:

One new Q1 SP level, Kjsp1: "Avanipaala Praasaada" - reviewed, and revised Q1 SP mod, DMSP 2 - reviewed.
New level news from: CZG - shots; Kona - shots, info; Necros - shots; Tyrann - shot, help wanted; Xenon - info.
SDA opened a useful speedrunning discussion forum.
Impressive but slow running test maps: Gemch01 from Gemein and Anevil from Tronyn.

Week of Monday 17th - Sunday 23rd September 2001: News Summary:

New Q1 SP reviews: Rapture - review; Sm32: "Shut up RPG!" - review; "Jackboot Hero" - review; Sm28: "Structured Chaos" - review; Alk13: "The Looming Madness" - review.
New level news/shots: Xenon - news; Glassman - 1, 2; Tronyn - 4 shots; Daz - shot; Necros - news, shots; Nekroe - shots.
Coagula style mapping contest and DMSP speedrunning contest both announced.
New Q1 SP speedmap pack at Speedmapping

Month of Monday 13th August - Sunday 16th September 2001: News Summary:

One new Q1 SP level reviewed: Alk10: "Permutations of the Rotten" - review.
New level news/screenshots: Glassman - shots; Tiddles - shot; Necros - 1, 2, 3, 4; ELEK - shots; Daz - shots.
3 Q1 SP speedmap packs released at Speedmapping.
Q1 SP Articles page completely overhauled, including all the articles from my QExpo Booth.
News and reviews were curtailed for most of this month due to monitor problems.

Fortnight of Monday 30th July - Sunday 12th August 2001: News Summary:

5 new Q1 SP levels: Rpgsp1: "Penile Devastation" - review; Czgtoxic: "Biotoxin" - review; Czg03: "Ceremonial Circles" - review; Ch1sp1: "Higher-Synth" - review; N3sp03: "At The Gates Of Midian" - review.
2 new speedrun demos of Rpgsp1 in 0:48 and Czgtoxic in 0:34.
New screenshots/news: Tronyn/Daz - new project; Speedy - 3 shots, more - 1, 2; Nekroe - shots; Glassman - shot/news.
4 map Nehahra unit, Alk10, released - review very soon.

Fortnight of Monday 16th - Sunday 29th July 2001: News Summary:

Loads of new Q1 SP reviews: OUM: "Operation Urth Majik" - review; N3sp02_13: "Castle Necrosis" - review; Invein - review; Imp1sp2: "House of Spikes" - review; Coagula3_bone: "BONE" - review; Soedemo: "Soul of Evil Preview Release" - review; Ksp1: "Contract Revoked Part I - Libris Vertiginis" - review.
Loads of new level screenshots: ELEK - 4 shots; Necros - 1, 2, 3 and more ; RcktRob - 1, 2, 3; Than - 1, 2, 3, 4; Tronyn - 1, more; Bnayni Software 4 shots; Tyrann - 1 shot; Speedy - 1; Kell - 4 shots.
New speedrun demo of Coagula3_bone in 0:05
Loads of new Q1 SP articles, interviews, and speedmap reviews at the TEAMShambler Quake Single Player Booth at QExpo.

Fortnight of Monday 2nd - Sunday 15th July 2001: News Summary:

One new Q1 SP level reviewed: "Precipice Continuum" - review.
The only valid natural terrain contest entry posted: Nanesp1: "Catacombs of Misfortune".
Posted some advice about coping with Fileplanet's new and inferior download system - added to the Help page.
New level news from Grahf: shots: 1, 2, 3, Speedy: shots, Biff Debris, Kell, RPG and Vigil.
Final update to Nehahra in 3 pieces: 1 (5.6 meg), 2 (21.6meg), 3 (25.2meg). Alternative downloads: 1, 2, 3.
Two more Q1 SP speedmap map packs were posted at Speedmapping.

Three weeks from Monday 11th June - Sunday 1st July 2001: News Summary:

One new Q1 SP level reviewed: Percept: "Perception" - review.
New level news and screenshots: Necros: shots, 1, 2, 3, 4. MP Crew: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Kona: 1. Soul of Evil: shots, news. OUM: news.
More Q1 SP speedmap packs and a "best of" pack at Speedmapping
Back to Nature contest closed - 1 valid entry.

Fortnight of Monday 28th May - Sunday 10th June 2001: News Summary:

One new Q1 SP level reviewed: Rumours: "Recurrent Rumours" - review.
New level news and screenshots: Ian Bruce: 4 shots. Morgoth: 1. Fatty / OUM: 1, 2, 3. Grahf: 1, 2, 3. Kona: 1, 2, 3.
Q1 SP Speedmap packs 18 and 19 released at Speedmapping.
3 weeks remaining until the July 1st deadline for the "natural terrain" mapping contest.

For older news, continue to the Old News 3 page.