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Monday 3rd July 2000:

A2D2: "Ambush Keen Pilgrims"
(Size: 600 k. No Alternative downloads.)

Another temple style map, though very different: It combines two of Pingu's similarly styled deathmatch maps, converted to single player by Mike Woodham. The style is a mixture of plain sandstone and marble textures, hieroglyphic trim, murals and spotlights, all wrapped round very curvey architecture. This includes curved tunnels, domed ceilings and arched doorways, and goes from smoother curves in the earlier sections to sharper arches in the last area. All of it looks very good, with a lot of variety in designs from small corridors, spiral stairs, outdoor courtyards and large, open rooms, all kept consistent by the strong theme. Lighting is done well too, bright in the outdoor sections, darker and clearly sourced indoors. A few flaws - texturing round the curves can be a bit odd, the end area isn't quite as refined as the rest, and it doesn't have the variety of dramatic designs as A3.

The map is very linear despite it's deathmatch origins, only the end has a minor route choice. There are a couple of neat secrets - one of them using a novel design - that also provide fun after you've got the items =). Combat is very good, and packs a lot into the map, with all areas having plenty of action. Noticably, good use is made of the 3D DM designs, with Ogres, DeathKnights and Vores providing much vertical harrassment from ledges above. Due to the design, combats are quite diverse, and test a wide range of skills, but are well balanced for difficulty. Health, armour and ammo supplies are all fair - there are plentiful grenades, but then again it's harder to grenade monsters on ledges above. There are some fun surprises too, using tougher enemy, which combined with the 3D design, give the map a good challenge and make the ending a worthy climax (Tip: When jumping backwards off ledges and firing lightning gun at Shamblers, avoid falling into any water pools =)). A great map, and a very successful conversion.

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