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Tuesday 31st October 2000:

Perssp1: "Perssp1"
(Size: 390 k. No Alternative downloads.)

A tiny medieval level with metal influences, vaguely reminscent of a simpler E1M2 with hints of M_palace (review). It consists of very basic 2-D rooms connected by simple corridors, which are enlivened by a good theme and nice texture details - e.g. white banding along the walls and rectangles of blue brick set in metal trim, as well as angled ceilings and doorways. These little details that give it some freshness and compensate a bit for the simplicity. The exit room is rather tasty, with good wall buttresses and vivid lighting - it would be better if more of the level had that style. This map needed more splendid architecture and a more complex design, as there is only so much you can do with a good theme. Also the two subterranean areas lack the general details and thus are very plain. Build quality is good though occasionally the texturing could be better - nothing too noticable though.

Gameplay is as straightforward as the design: A mixture of base enemy and monsters, a couple of secrets - one I couldn't find, there's also a small side area to explore - a few ambushes and surprises. The design doesn't lend itself to complex gameplay or 3D attacks, so it's simple, fairly fun, close combat. Combats are well balanced, nothing too easy nor hard, and there are a few well placed monsters: the Vores and Spawn surprises could be tricky, but there are cunning ways to make these fights easier. Monsters are used when backtracking, but there are still some areas that are empty and should have been populated - the end, for example, has a decent combat but empty areas before and after (there's also a trap that you can get permanently trapped (hoho) on the wrong side of). Quite good gameplay for a quick blast of Quake, but it could have been more interesting.

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