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Sunday 14th October 2001

Kjsp1: "Avanipaala Praasaada"
(Size: 1.4 meg. Alternative download: Kjsp1)

Note: If this map is played with the Idgamma patch, the white textures will appear as plain and undetailed.

A large temple map with a fresh new theme - fresh is the operative word here, as the combination of white walls, bright blue sky, and bright lighting give the map an unusally clean and airy feel. This theme works pretty well in Quake, as the general "light" feel is balanced with an exotic and arcane vibe. Textures are modified from the classic blue Ikspq series textures, and are well used with smooth brickwork surrounded by more detailed trim, highlighting the designs and ensuring that all areas have enough visual detail to look good. Architecture is also good and sometimes rather impressive, with a variety of Arabian temple structures ranging from convoluted archways and supporting pillars, to curving ceilings and domed buildings. Curves are used well on such designs, and some cool little outdoor areas spice up the map too. However some connecting areas are too simple and bit more connectivity overall would be nice.

The map has a bit of exploration, with a couple of route choices when pressing buttons or collection keys, and the occasional side area to explore. There's also 3 secrets, of which at least 2 are easy and useful. More exploration and secrets would have suited and enhanced the exotic style. Gameplay is good throughout, though it will probably be on the easy side for some Quake veterans. Very fair supplies (especially if you find the secrets), combined with the escapability of almost all the combats, make this map quite amenable. The overall map balance is also good, gradually escalating from a very easy start, via diverse combats, to more hectic fighting against several tough monsters near the finish. The occasional ambush spices up the combats, and monster infighting can occur quite often and provide extra entertainment. Skill settings are very effective, so all players should have fun with this map.

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