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Submitting levels for review.

This page is no longer applicable now the site is closed.

Required quality standards:
Please read this carefully as it's important:
TEAMShambler only reviews good quality Quake single player levels, ranging from reasonable levels to the very best levels. Therefore if you submit a level for review it MUST be a good quality level - the general rule is: At least the quality of the better Id levels. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you submit a good quality level, it will be reviewed. If you submit a poor quality level, I will probably give suggestions for improvements, or refer you to pages at this site, but I will not pleased that the very clear standards here have been ignored. For more information you should read this rant about the required standards.

How to submit levels:
1. Read the quality criteria above and ensure your level is good quality - at least Id quality - before submitting it.
2. Ensure the level unzips properly and works with GLQuake, WinQuake, and software Quake.
3. Zip the level on maximum compression, including a text file, but do not include any superfluous files such as screenshots or demos.
4. Upload the level to your own site, or to any other site you have access to, or to Fileplanet (the main FPS game files archive), then either email me, ICQ me with a link to the level.
5. If you can't upload your map, you can email me or ICQ me with the zip itself, but please, you must ask me BEFORE sending any files.

Reviewing new levels:
I will try to review new levels as soon as possible, but since this is just an online hobby, it may take some time and immediate reviews cannot be guaranteed. Getting a review at this site proves your level is good quality and worth playing, though the review may be critical. Levels reviewed should get at least 200-300 downloads. If a level is good enough, it may be reviewed as PlanetQuake's Level Of The Week (subject to other promotion), and get at least 500-1000 downloads, thus excellence is worth striving for.

Older, unreviewed levels:
If you have found an older level that I haven't reviewed AND hasn't been reviewed at any previous Q1 SP sites, then please email me and tell me about it. If it's a good quality level that hasn't been reviewed at previous Q1 SP sites, I will review it regardless of age.

Beta-testing levels:
Getting your levels beta-tested before release is a good idea, it gives a fresh perspective and can reveal flaws you weren't aware of. Some people have asked me to beta-test levels, but this puts me in a tricky position as I'm going to review the final product, and the review will be compromised by seeing the level (or a version of it) previously. So this is my policy on myself beta-testing Q1 SP levels:
"I would prefer not to beta-test Q1 SP levels for the reason given above. If it is essential for me to test the level, and no-one else can be found, then I will do so. Also, I will test alpha versions (i.e. very early) versions of levels, as these are less likely to affect the review."
Two good places to seek beta testing are QMap message boards and the #terrafusion IRC channel, found on any server. You could also try emailing some established, current Q1 SP mappers and politely asking for suggestions and advice.

Unused sections of levels??
Plenty of people start making Q1 SP levels, then abandon their projects for one reason or another, leaving them with wasted sections of levels that don't do anything. However, an experienced level author, Mike Woodham has offered to take these unused sections of levels, and attempt make them into full playable levels. Mike has already done this successfully with A2D2, FMB5, FMB6 and FMB8, also FMB3 and FMB4 are examples of his "normal" mapping (all maps reviewed). The guy is a good mapper and definitely know what he's doing, so I think it would be an excellent idea if otherwise wasted levels could be turned into worthwhile releases. So please, if you have scrapped any levels, email Mike Woodham and tell him. On that subject, Tronyn (author of PG2 and COE, reviewed), has some unused sections of his levels for other authors to use, see his Phantasmal Garrison for more info.