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Q1 SP views and articles.

These are some views, rants, and articles related to Quake single player, maps and reviewing. They are all my own views, written from a player/reviewer's perspective, apart from the interviews which are obviously someone else's views written from their perspective. I've ordered the articles by how useful they'll be to newer players, starting with promotional articles and guides, going through to interviews and other stuff. Some of the older views might not be as relevant as when they were posted, but could still be interesting. For views and diverse, original articles on other FPS games, visit TEAMShambler FPS Demos and Discussion.

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Quake 1 single player is still good. It is. Trust me. But if you don't, read this old-but-still-relevant article which explains why.

Why Quake is still at the cutting edge of single player mapping. Still not convinced about Quake's greatness?? Fair enough, this article conclusively proves that recent Q1 SP maps kick the shit out of whatever lame game you mistakenly thought was better.

The very basic 101 of Quake single player. Now you're convinced of the game's continuing excellence, you might be confused about where to begin. Me too. Lucky someone wrote an extremely basic guide to getting started with Q1 SP then...

In praise of coop gameplay. Cooperative gameplay, it's great fun! And certainly not just an excuse to accidentally unleash Quad rockets into your mate's back or leave him trapped in a small room with a Shambler and just an axe. Honestly.

A sheep's guide to speedrunning. Speedrun demos are wild, action packed "movies" of ultra fast Quake action. Sheep are incredibly bloody stupid. Amazingly, when you bring them together, you get a useful guide explaining speedruns at a basic level.

Some ranting about minimum level quality. I've tried to encouage mappers to make high quality levels by having high standards for what gets reviewed, and amazingly enough they seem to have listened. Just to make sure, here's some more thoughts on quality standards. Also including a free bonus explanation of reviewing and review balance.

Mappers give their one best tip for starting Q1 SP mapping. How to not suck.

Ideas about converting DM levels to SP. Why waste all those great levels on something as mediocre as deathmatch?? Save them from extinction by converting them to single player. Just make sure you do a damn good job - and get permission first.

Interview with Mindcrime, creator of Nehahra. You might have heard of Nehahra. Mindcrime was the man behind it all. He has plenty to say.

Modders / coders talk about the Q1 SP mapping scene. Despite both thriving, the mapping and modding communities can seem rather seperate and distant from each other. So I encouraged each side to attack each other tooth and claw communicate intelligently about what they think of the "other" scene, starting with modders and coders.

Q1 SP mappers talk about the modding / coding scene. And then the mappers take their revenge exchange their views.