Quake maps: 1998-2002
The Darkness Within . Castle Golgotha . The Occursed
Coagula . Coagula2:Flesh . Coagula3:Bone . Precipice Continuum

Oandu/Deathmatch . Cathedral/Experimental . Technophobia/Uncompleted

Quake2 maps: 1998
Retaliatory Strike

Nehahra Maps 2002-2003
Nehahra . The Tides of War:Nehahra Expansion Pack#01

About ELEK
For several years I devoted most of my spare time to what I warmly refer to as commiting mappery. Some time ago, having become employed in an area of 3d animation not related to gaming, I left the mapping arena. Maybe someday I will do another map or two; maybe I will not. Who knows...but while I was doing it, I can say truly, it was fun.

Above are all of the maps I have to date. Unfortunately late in 2002 my trusty old P2 died and took all of the .map source with it. Those files no longer exist, but the .bsp's are here for anyone who wishes to take a stroll down memory lane. Who knows, maybe someday we will be able to play these maps on a cell phone or coffee maker.