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2009.01.14 - Added a new singleplayer map, "APSP2 - Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (But They Do Carry Shotguns)".


These are all the maps I am working on in my spare time that I still haven't completed.

APSP3 - Bound by Oath (Quake SP)
I started working on this map in late 2005, and although I nearly finished it, I put it on hold before QExpo to work on DM3RMX. I've worked on it a little since QExpo 06 and although there is still plenty to do - not least optimise it to work comfortably with unextended engines - I expect it will finally see the light of day this year.

APSP4 - Satan's Caramel Surprise (Quake SP)
This started off as a QExpo turtlemap, but as I was away from my computer during the event, I didn't get time to finish and decided to make a regular sp map instead. This map is an experimentation with giving the player route and weapon choices, so it will be playable in a number of ways when I finally finish it... god knows when that will be :/

DM1RMX - The Place of Many Deaths (Quake SP/DM)
I wanted to do some mapping and didn't feel like starting anything big so am currently working on a primarily SP remake of DM1 as I did before with DM3. This time I am not staying as faithful to the original architecture of the base level and aside from the general layout, a lot has changed. There are also new areas added for the sp layout.


APSP2 : Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (But They Do Carry Shotguns) (Quake SP/DM)

I started working on this map a long time ago for inclusion in the base pack. Although I never managed to complete this map for the base pack release, I didn't forget about it, and after a lot of extra work fixing it up and making it kind of interesting I finally released it. The level is set in a fairly large flooded depot thing, which just so happens to be full of crates. If you are anti-crate, you won't like this level. Likewise, if you hate Quoth monsters, exploration or base maps, it's probably not for you ;) The file includes source and is 3,108kb. (local)

APDM3 : Pretend Dead Friend (Quake SP/DM)

A Q1SP remake of an old Q2DM level I made a long time ago. The map had been converted (and expanded) for Q3 by PJW and I wanted both to make a quick SP map and fill the annoying gap in my old dm map collection so decided to make this. By and large, it's not a map worthy of existing for three different games, but this version is a lot of fun in SP so please give it a go if you have 10 minutes spare. DM was an afterthought for Q1 and apparently it's not a great DM level, but if you try it I'd love to see demos or hear feedback. It's 453kb. (local)

DM3_RMX : The Occupied Base (Quake SP/DM)

The last map I released. It's a remake of John Romero's popular deathmatch map DM3 - The Abandoned Base, with a twist - it's no longer abandoned. This isn't just a version of the original map with enemies put in it either, I rebuilt it completely from scratch by measuring the original map in game by checking my position as I moved around using the edict command and by extracting the items from the BSP. It also supports multiplayer, although it only uses the layout of the original map in deathmatch and not any of the new areas I added. You can get the map by clicking on the link below. It's 2,387kb. (local)

MP_CHECKPOINT : Axis Rail Checkpoint (Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP)

A large multiplayer map for Wolfenstein. It's 6,741kb and can be dowloaded below: (local)

See the Briefing screen

MP_CHECKPOINT - Axis Rail Checkpoint
Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP Map

Game Types Supported: MP, SW
Suggested Players: 4-8 per team
Default Round time: 10 minutes

Allied forces are attempting to determine the location of a weapons train carrying V2 rockets by stealing a logbook from an Axis rail checkpoint.

Allied Objectives:

1 - Get to the Radio Room and transmit the Logbook information to HQ.
2 - Destroy the Damaged Wall to capture the South Annex.
3 - Breach the Maintenance Access Door to create a route through the main checkpoint buildings to the Office.
4 - Steal the Logbook containing details of the weapons trains wherabouts from the Checkpoint Office.

Axis Objectives:

1 - Prevent the Allies from stealing the Logbook from the Checkpoint Office.
2 - Stop the Allies before they transmit the Logbook information.
3 - Defend the Damaged Wall of the South Annex.
4 - Stop the Allies from breaching the Maintenance Access Door.

Here are a couple of links to Quake SP maps I have made myself (apsp1) or with others (sm28 and 32).

APSP1: local (1,520kb)

SM32: local (932kb)

SM28: local (827kb)

This is the old shooting game I made at uni. It's a complete project including kinda finished game (only two levels and no sound, mind), source, badly written and rushed documentation (my dissertation I guess), a version of the Hammer editor that you can use to make maps for the game, and a mini guide on how to do it (very easily, you just export a .map and run the .ldf compiler... more or less ;)

I never released this under the gpl or anything, but it includes some content that is not mine, noteably the character models and textures. Do what you like with the stuff that is mine (well, the code and maps).

Combat Layer (clayer): local (10,007kb)

Thanks to Spirit for hosting!