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Day of the Lords

Carved in Flesh

Adamantine Cruelty


Frying obstacles

The Lost Chapters

Quake 1 Single Player Hall of Fame 2.     [nov.2002-present.] |     Last Updated: Sept 2008.

  3 most Recent Updates:
September 2008.   The Living End at position 10 in Q1SP single Maps
May 2008.   Ruined Nation at position 18 in Q1SP single Maps
May 2008.   Slave To A Machine at position 14 in Q1SP single Maps

This page is my choice of the best maps that have been reviewed at this site (covering the time period since November 2002 to the present). This page enables a ranking of the best maps reviewed at this site to be kept, and will be updated regularly.
This page also works as a complement to the first Hall of Fame page. Between the two of them, there is listed & ranked the elite best of custom Q1SP single maps & episodes made from 1996 until today.

Top 25 reviewed Q1SP: single Maps Top 25 reviewed Q1SP: Episodes
rank Score rank Score
1 gmsp3: Day of the Lords. 19 1 flesh: Carved in Flesh. 18
2 ac: Adamatine Cruelty. 19 2 terra: Terra. 18.5
3 Hrim_sp1: Frying Obstacles. 18 3 warpspasm: Warp Spasm. 18
4 nesp09: Dawn of Eternity. 19 4 chapters: the lost chapters. 17
5 pbrsp1: Hexameron: Phase One. 19 5 night: Nightjourney v2. 17.5
6 februus: Februus Depth. 18 6 travail: Travail. 17
7 menk: Menkalinan. 18 7 alk 12: Fearcraft. 18
8 hrim_sp3: Breakfast at Twilight. 18 8 marine: Ultramarine. 17
9 sm36: Subterranean Siege. 18 9 fc1: Ontranto. 15
10 ne_lend: The Living End. 18 10 haunting: Autumn Haunting. 17
11 And All that Could Have Been. 18 11 guncotton: GunCotton. 16
12 kinn_marcher: Marcher Fortress. 19 12 rpgsmse: Quake Condensed. 14.5
13 (Dont Bite) The Hand That Feeds You. 18 13
14 masque: the Masque of the Red Death. 17 14
15 Slave To A Machine 17.5 15
16 pushcoag: The Vertical mile. 18 16
17 Bastion : Bastion Of The Underworld. 18 17
18 dm3rmx: The Occupied Base. 17.5 18
19 dis_sp6: Ruined Nation. 17.5 19
20 ant: Antediluvian. 17 20
21 lunsp1: Concentric Devastation. 17 21
22 tris: The Rest is Silence. 17 22
23 egypt: Egyptian Rhapsody. 17 23
24 red777: red 777 16.5 24
25 fmb_bdg: This Onion 16 25

Notes & Comments
[1] These maps are just my (underworldfan) personal rankings & recommendations, they have not been voted for by other people in contrast to the Hall of Fame.
[2] All maps & episodes can be downloaded by clicking on the desired map name which will take you to the review and download link. If you find any broken links or have any problems with downloading any map, Email me.
Click on the name link to read the review. For older Hall of Fame maps goto the original "Hall of Fame" page. For *ALL* NEW Quake 1 maps goto the "New Maps" page.

Details & Explanation.

This is a complement to the first Hall of Fame page. This pages is my choice of the best maps since November 2002, that i have reviewed at this site. This page enables a ranking of the best maps reviewed at this site to be kept.

The Score listed is the score out of 20 from the original reviews, which have all been written by either me or Tronyn. The general guideline is most (but not all) of the single maps which score 17 or above are listed and ranked here. In addition, a majority of episodes reviewed are listed and ranked here, mainly because there are not that many custom episodes released and i want to highlight the ones that do exist.