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Reviews: 27th October 2002

Game - QUAKE
Map - pbrsp1: Hexameron: Phase One
by - Ray "NotoriousRAY" O'Neill
Download -
Overall Verdict - A fine idbase map, with lots of interesting architecture and ideas.

This is another base level, released around the same time as the similarly-sized sm36:subterranean Siege. This map, however is the work of all one author, and given its size, style and variety of architecture, it is an impressive single player debut by the author. Brushwork throughout the map is uniformly excellent and the level features a variety of settings; from large base rooms with multiple levels to winding corridors, to imaginative and well-implemented outdoor areas and rockfaces.

There is lots of good detailing as well, in fact the attention to detail is really what makes this map successful. Examples include small console screens set in the walls, which show other parts of the base, and a nice outdoor power generator (that soon gets blown up by the player!). The base layout consists of a series of numbered "phases"; 1,2,3 etc, although they dont have to be played through strictly in order, there is quite a lot of choice in which order you want to play through the level and which path you want to take next.

Gameplay is a nice mix of various base enemies including the mega-enforcers form Zerstorer (with red skins), and also the almost forgotten Scorpion from the Scourge of Armagon mission pack, perhaps even more of these more powerful enemies could have been used, (particularly towards the end off the map and the finale), as i found it quite easy to play through even on "Hard" skill. That said, the level features 125 enemies on "hard" skill, which is a large number by most Q1SP standards, excepting Insomnia of course :P .

In summary, this is another excellent idbase map, which really shows the possibilites of the base style and how good it can look and play when implemented with this much skill, great work.

Overall Score: 19/20