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Reviews: 28th October 2002

Game - QUAKE
Map - matsp1: Satarship Bunker
by - Mateusz "MaTi" Piaskiewicz
Download -
Speed Run Demo for Download:
Overall Verdict - A small idbase map,the first in a series of three planned by the author.

This is a small base map, in the readme the author says "its just a SpeedBaze... Next map will be better and larger!", although its size *is* small it still features decent enough architecture and atmospheric lighting. The architecture is solid without being spectacular, and although the lighting is slightly darkish, i found it very good at creating a gloomy, opppresive quake-like atmosphere. Furthermore in the grand traditon of Q1SP idbase maps everywhere, this level features a preponderance of crates =), these are found stacked all over the map, and indeed are sometimes the only way in or out of a room or corridor.

There are 35 enemies on Hard skill, mainly just grunts and enforcers and a shambler near the end, so this map can be played through in only a few minutes by experienced Q1SP fanatics. Still this is a nice introduction map to the planned 3-level episode and i look forward to the next 2 maps in the series.

Overall Score: 13/20