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Reviews: 4th January 2003

Game - QUAKE
Map - whisper : Whisperer In Shadows
by - Starbuck
Download -
Overall Verdict - A small, easyish but neatly built map, with cool textures.

A smallish level, the overall impression the map gives is compact but neat. Textures are a strong point, being the excellent Egyptian/temple light brown textures developed by Mr. Clean (author of stylish Quake 3 work also), and also seen a while ago in Ferns excellent Q1SP map, "Return to Dust". The textures fit the quake monsters, and overall atmosphere very well, and give the map strong desert/Egyptian feel, somewhat reminiscent of Tronyn's 2 "Desert Dusk" Maps. Architecture is much simpler than those maps, completely understandable as this map was built in 8 days (a late entry for the Turtlemap 2 contest). The architecture is neat with some good details and there is a nice design feel around the gold key area, but the ending area is somewhat plain.

Gameplay is enjoyable enough, but is significantly to easy. Most of the monsters are knights or hellknights, relatively simple quake 1 enemies; more usage of vores, Shamblers and Ogres would have helped. This lack of challenge is particularly noticeable at the two key gameplay set pieces of the map, the gold key area and the final ending area - both are too easy due to weak monsters being chosen. This problem is added to by the rocket launcher generously provided about half way through the map, its not really needed at all: the nailgun and double shotgun already supplied are quite sufficient.

Still, overall this is a neat, good looking Q1SP map, it has good atmosphere, and if the challenge were greater it would be even better.

Overall Score: 13/20