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Reviews: 11th March 2003; Review 1

Game - QUAKE
Map - hellbrid: HellBridge
by - Pulsar
Download - Alternate [Fileplanet]
Overall Verdict - A medium-to-large sized, fun, medieval themed map.

This is a map clearly in the style of id original Quake maps in Episode 2, that is a medieval theme. This translates into decently-built architecture with metal and blue stone textures and lots of medieval monsters; Ogres, knights, hellknights, Shamblers etc.

Map build and detailing is generally quite imaginative, without being spectacular; the rooms are generally slightly boxy and similar to each other, and the blue texturing is somewhat uniform, in both architecture and textures therefore, more variety would be better. Also, i got stuck at the top of one of the wind tunnels and had to noclip/fly my way out. Overall, though architecture is solid. There is a pleasing amount of buttons to push, which opens up walls or new rooms, this coupled with the straightforward gameplay reminded me of the old quake maps from earlier years (1996/1997 etc), and in gameplay terms even slightly of Doom.

Gameplay is for the most part, as mentioned fairly straightforward, not overly challenging but still some decent fights, with fiends and ogres sometimes spawning in or catching you unawares. The gameplay "flows" easily form one area to the next, mainly due a generous supply of ammo (especially rockets), perhaps a slight reduction in ammo may have made the level more challenging and tense. Still, the maps gameplay is most definitely enjoyable in its consistent and well-implemented style. A good old-fashioned Quake 1 level, its nice to see maps like this still being made in 2003.

Overall Score: 14/20

Reviews: 11th March 2003; Review 2

Game - QUAKE
Maps - runerun: Rune Run
both by - Connor Fitzgerald
Downloads -
Overall Verdict - A small map, primarily designed for speed-running.

A map primarily designed for speedrunning, as the author points out in his readme, the main purpose is to have a multiple number of possible routes to the exit. I have sent this level over to the SDA mob to see what they can do with it (those crazy guys).

Anyway, its a kind of base level, except there is just one big room (the bottom half filled with water), with a couple of side areas, you need to collect 4 runes placed around the map and also the blue and gold keys before escape is possible. A couple of textures are missing in some places. Its not a very hard level to finish (37 enemies), with lots of ammo etc, maybe this is due to the speedrunning purpose already mentioned.

Overall Score: 8/20