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Reviews: 25th April 2003; Review 1

Game - QUAKE
Map - alana: n3demo2 (demo map 2)
by - Necros
Download - [contains both alana & also mitsu, reviewed below]
Overall Verdict - a small, simple base map.

The first of two small base maps, originally mapped out by Necros in 2000, and now released to us for playing today. Necros himself says these are just "demo" maps. Anyway, "alana" is a small map, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes total playing time to work your way through. Its the classic id base style from Episode 1, with only 1 secret and 17 monsters on hard skill. Architecture and texturing is basic, there is a nice raising-lowering lava bridge section, and a decent little underwater/tunnel section of the map, but apart from that nothing particularly unusual.

Gameplay is also decidedly unambitious, there are a few grunts, enforcers and fishes. Two fiends block your way to the exit, but one unfortunately gets trapped on a rockface, which makes the already easy challenge, even simpler.

Overall a small, fun map, but it lacks any real ambition or even challenge, even just a few more fiends/vores would have made things somewhat more exciting.

Overall Score: 9/20

Reviews: 25th April 2003; Review 2

Game - QUAKE
Map - mitsu: demo map
by - Necros
Downloads - [included in download with alana, see above link]
Overall Verdict - A small but good base map.

This shares a number of similarities with "alana", [reviewed above]. Its another small base layout, with the emphasis on exploration via a series of underwater sections and tunnels to find buttons which open up the way to the exit. Again both architecture and gameplay are straightforward. One difference is this map's use of custom blue textures, these are applied somewhat uniformly and as a result tend to look a bit bland in places, they work better where they are offset by the florescent white light fixtures, which also provide better contrast in lighting and hence resulting atmosphere.

The underwater sections are larger [as indicated by the 2 bio-suits provided], and more tricky than "alana". Also gameplay overall is better; more challenging enemies [enforcers] and not much health definitely gives a more exciting gameplay experience, although its still reasonably straightforward overall.

Once the doors are unlocked, there is a small neat little final ambush at the end, before the final exit is reached.

Overall Score: 12/20