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Reviews: 4th May 2003

Game - QUAKE
Map - matsp2: Best of Vize
by - Mateusz "MaTi" Piaskiewicz
Download -
Overall Verdict - Medium sized base map with an interesting architectural style.

The second in a series of base maps form MaTi, this level follows on from matsp1. The readme doesn't say whether you should play matsp1 first and then this, or just start afresh for this map. I tried both ways and decided you are meant to follow on from matsp1 (the teleporter at the end of matsp1 does take you to the start of this map). But you can just start this level from scratch if you want: (the DBS and NG are both available for pick-up relatively early in this map).

This is a small to mediumish sized base map, clad in custom textures, and featuring large scale architecture complemented by some nice details such as the colored pipes [did someone say "half-life"], consoles in the wall and broken doors/lifts and crates. The overall theme and feel reminded me slightly of czg's theme and textures from the first map of his Insomnia map pack [czg07a: Core decomposed]. There is also a custom skybox available. Lighting is perhaps a bit bright. The architecture is well-built, neat-looking and pleasingly solid as well as being on quite a big scale, especially the final area. Its also nicely interconnected, with a decent amount of exploration required. You can fall down off ledges and then have to find your way back to the correct path. The gold key only seemed to work on one set of doors, even though two set of doors were marked with gold key symbols; i don't know if this was deliberate or a mistake/bug.

Base enemies (grunts, enforcers, dogs) are spiced up by a few tricky fiend attacks throughout the map. A decent challenge is provided as health is nicely balanced, although i thought the two armors provided were a bit generous, one would have been sufficient.

Its a decent map, the architecture style (which is quite unusual really) and inter-connectivity are its best points. However, I felt the gameplay could have been harder and more exciting with more numbers and/or variety in enemies and more challenging set pieces, say around the gold key area for example.

Overall Score: 14/20