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Reviews: 30th May 2003

Game - QUAKE
Map - chain1: Dead Cell
by - ChAiNeR
Download -
Overall Verdict - a small, slightly easy base map

A small base map [42 enemies on hard, 0 secrets], this is the author's first publicly released Q1SP map [hopefully there will be more].
This map shows promise for a first map, even though architecture is basic and sometimes slightly messy. The textures are slightly dull, standard id base, and the layout is somewhat boxy. More variation in textures and room design, instead of just square boxed rooms, would be better in future maps. Lighting is ok for a first map, its quite dark and gloomy once inside the main building (you start outside) which always helps to create a decent quake 1 type atmosphere.

Gameplay is a bit too easy and also lacking in variation. The layout is too cramped and the player is given too much cover, which nullifies much of the enemies (mainly enforcers) attacks, so that they are inconsequential. For example, there are a good number of fiends, but their jumping attack is severely hampered by the constricted space, they need more open spaces. Map designers should in general try to place monsters in the map layout in a way which gives the monster an opportunity to maximize its weapons/attacks, this has not been done here. The 2 armors supplied are also excessive and neither is required, as health and ammo are both adequate as it is. Towards the end the challenge picks up slightly, but not sufficiently enough for truly exciting gameplay.

Still, the basics are here, and the map shows potential for future efforts.

Overall Score: 11/20