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Reviews: 17th August 2003; Review 1

Game - QUAKE
Map - Hrmiturt: Hrimfaxis Turtle Maps [2 map pack]
by - HrimFaxi
Download -
Overall Verdict - 2 base maps, one classic idbase, one custom textured, providing some classical base type gameplay.

notes: These are 2 "turtle" maps, that is, maps made in 7 days or less. The maps play together as a 2 map sequence. I reviewed the maps on hard skill.

let: Let there be more light
The first level in this 2 map pack is a classical base level, clad in the original idbase textures. Its a fairly standard base map, but distinguished by some nice outdoor areas. The size of the map is around medium [87 enemies on hard] and the layout is quite well interconnected; there is a little bit of exploration and button pushing on your way to the blue/gold keys. There is some nice brushwork and little touches added in, but the texturing is somewhat plain, lighting is also bright and too uniform.

Gameplay sticks faithfully to the classic base enemies: grunts, enforcers plus the custom blue-skinned mega-enforcers first seen in Zerstorer. There are also a handful of grenade/rocket/nail launching grunts and some scrags. Health is quite well balanced and only the double shotgun and nailgun are provided making for some quite tricky gameplay, with often largish groups of enemies attacking at once. The blue shielded enforcers will provide most of the trouble. A good base map overall.

pow: Pow r. toc h.
The second level is also a "base" level, but this time a custom base. The predominant textures used are a kind of rusty/metallic reddish/brown covering, the jf1.wad by john fitzgibbons [metlslime]. These textures are good and create a good atmosphere. The textures are also well suited suited to the unusual setting (for a quake 1 map); a submarine base, essentially consisting of one massive room filled with all kinds of walkways, machinery, weaponry and the huge submarine itself; overall its an impressive looking room, if a little square. The map layout is essentially this one central hangar with a few side areas of living quarters and twisting corridors. Its all built quite well, but is also a bit square and boxy. Lighting is better than in the first map.

Gameplay is a mixed experience, its basically one huge horde combat, with lots of modified grunts (mainly nail firing) and enforcers (mainly the blue skinned mega enforcers). The combat is challenging on hard skill but can become repetitive due to the lack of variation in enemy. Perhaps sensing this lack of variety there are also some custom *servomech* models introduced later in the map (star wars type walker models as per gmsp1:colony etc) which are good fun, although their black laser beams look strange. Overall an original setting but slightly repetitive gameplay.

Overall Scores:

let: Let there be more light 14/20
pow: Pow r. toc h. 13/20

Reviews: 17th August 2003; Review 2

Game - QUAKE
Map - pdq1sp1: the fistfucking little box.
by - Pablo Dictter
Download -
Overall Verdict - Small, quick base map.

This is a smallish but well built and lit base map, again using the standard idbase textures. Architecture is simplistic, somewhat boxy, but there are some nice little details and touches of originality like the metal bars in the windows. There are also lots of crates. Lighting is well done and adds significantly to the appeal of the map.

Gameplay is slightly unusual, only 25 enemies, but no extra health in the map. Overall it lacks real challenge though. But the author does specifically recommend playing the map on skill level 3. Grunts, Enforcers and one surprise make up the monsters. This map could do with more variety in enemies and architecture, but its a decent effort for a first released Q1SP.

Overall Score: 11/20