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Reviews: 18th August 2003; Review 1

Game - QUAKE
Map - dstab1: Khanros Storage Facilty
by - Nathan "De4thst4bber" Mills
Download -
Overall Verdict - decent small/medium sized base map.

Another neat little base map, with good lighting and variation in architecture for a first public released Q1SP map. It a classic idbase textured affair, with a small/medium sized layout. Architecture is quite detailed for a first map, lots of interesting ceilings and detailing in the form of metal beams, console screens and so on. The map starts off inside before progressing outside, the outside areas look a little bland and could have done with slightly more detail. The room and corridors still do have a slight tendency to be boxy. Lighting is good for a first map, adding to the atmosphere of the map.

Gameplay is a mixed affair, overall the challenge is too easy due to too much health and (especially) too much ammo being supplied. An overabundance of nails is particularly noticeable and the super nailgun makes the ending too easy. The typical base enemies change into medieval monsters (knights, ogres etc) about halfway through. Fiends are also used but sometimes get stuck in the relatively tight corridors and areas of the map.

Overall a decent first map, notable for good lighting. Gameplay needs to be better balanced and more challenging, though.

Overall Score: 12/20

Reviews: 18th August 2003; Review 2

Game - QUAKE
Map - heresp1: HypeRevolt.
by - Here
Download -[link to webpage]
Overall Verdict - Small gothic/quake 3 feeling layout with haphazard gameplay.

This is an unusual Q1SP level, that if anything would be classed as a "medieval" level. Its basically one large cave with a few side areas, overall its really quite a small layout. It quite interesting architecture: a natural terrain of caves and grass mixed with high stone walls and gothic/purple brick textures that give the map an almost quake 3 like feel and theme. The layout is also more like a quake 3 Deathmatch than a Q1SP, neither of these facts are surprising as the author has largely made Quake 3 DM maps up to this point.

The lighting is also strange, either too bright or pitch black, which looks quite odd and not too appealing. Still, the natural terrain is quite nice, even though the color scheme and texturing is perhaps too garish and lighting is too bright for Quake 1.

Gameplay also needs to be more finely tuned and thought out, as it stands its basically one long horde combat with a whole mix of monsters attacking you from all angles. However there is plenty of ammo and health (at least at the start) which means some enjoyment can be had in the frantic fighting, which ends up feeling more like a DMSP map than anything else.

The ending is quite tricky as ammo suddenly gets pretty low and shamblers pop up with annoying frequency. There is a very useful secret if you can reach it. Overall this map seems like a cross between a DM layout and SP monsters and is slightly unsatisfying as a result.

Overall Score: 11/20