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Reviews: 8th September 2003.

Game - QUAKE
Map - could: And All that Could Have Been
by - RPG
Download -
Overall Verdict - Atheistically very pleasing, custom-textured medium sized base map.

This is a very well built medium/large custom-textured base map. The textures mainly used are Speedy's SpeedBz texture set, and they give the map a green/base/industrial type feel. The architecture is really quite original, the main feature of it is angular archways running throughout the level. This is a good example for other mappers of how to avoid typical boxy square rooms and corridors. The Archways are well built and give the map its own look and feel, rather than being just another base map. Lighting is also nice, the subdued lighting and neat spotlighting contributing significantly to the overall look of the map, which is very pleasing.

There are actually three phases [architecturally speaking] to the map, the first is the initial area with its yellow strip theme [screenshots above]. The second is the light blue spot lighting area which is reached just before halfway [screenshot below left]. The third area is the neat deathmatch like final 3 tiered arena, where waves of mosters spawn in [screenshot below right]. Architecture is not hugely ambitious overall in its scope or scale, but there are some good little details like the broken terminal, the buttons for the lifts and doors, and the crate room. RPG has a good sense of proportion, nothing feels too cramped or too huge. The map has a good sense of interconnectedness as well and sometimes you revisit earlier areas [slightly reminiscent here of a kona map]. Overall brushwork is neat and the distinctive archway style and textures really work well.

Gameplay is also well implemented, [i played on hard skill, 105 monsters, did not find/use any of the 4 secrets]. There is a noticeable lack of health in some areas. Enemies are traditional base: enforcers and Grunts with Ogres and the odd fiend and shambler [possibly there could have been more fiends?] added to spice up the mix and challenge. Weapons are restricted to the 2 shotguns and 2 Nailguns which makes the gameplay better in this example. There is a pleasing flow to the combat and when the next sparse supply of health is reached it is a relief. I thought the final arena could have been even harder, with maybe 2 more fiends or 2/4 more ogres. In summary a great custom base map with a good looking texture and architectural theme.

Overall Score: 18/20