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Reviews: 25th October 2003

Game - QUAKE
Map - spd: SPD.
by - Speedy
Download -
Overall Verdict - Small/medium sized base map with custom textures.

This is Speedy's first Q1SP map, although he has been mapping for a while. So far he has stuck to Quake 1 and Quake 3 DM maps, as well as producing many texture sets. This is a smallish to medium sized base map, with a custom texture tech theme, which is decent. The textures are mainly blue and although quite good, it would be better if their was more variation in color and type, overall its a bit uniform. The architecture in general is basic but fine as far as it goes, and the lighting is also standard. The map layout is actually based on the 1st map from Doom2, which you should recognize if you have played id's old classic.

The map's gameplay is decent, especially if played on hard skill, which provides a reasonable challenge, enemies are standard base fare; grunts, enforcers, with some ogres and fiends being also added to give variety and more challenge to the map. There are some tricky combats due to group attacks in some areas, and the 1 secret is very useful if found. You only get the nailgun and GL after a while which also adds to the challenge. When the 1st "exit" is reached you are actually transported to a rather strange little 8-10 monsters underwater combat section. This is somewhat "tacked on", but at least its something different, although the gameplay is not especially exciting and the exit might be annoyingly obscure to find for some.

Hopefully speedy will build on this first map and improve architecture, lighting and texturing in future Q1SP maps, and the gameplay is already a decent standard.

Overall Score: 12/20