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Reviews: 18th March 2004 [Reviewed by Tronyn]

Game - QUAKE
Map - flecksp1: Azure Infux.
by - opt1c
Download -
Note: this file is in the .dz [dzip] format, you will need the dzip tool to unzip it, which can be downloaded here
Overall Verdict - average debut map with a palace theme.

This is a medium-sized Q1SP that uses a lot of blue textures, some from the IkBlue set, some modified id textures. Overall, it is a unique combination that is refreshing even though the monochromatic design can be a little tedious at times. Architecture is simple, sometimes even blocky, but feels solid enough. The environment you find yourself in is basically a dark palace of some sort, featuring a series of indoor chambers and halls and some outdoor courtyards as well.

The execution of theme is satisfactory, but isn't above average in any way. A lot more detail would have been required to make this a truly visually appealing map, perhaps that and trim using one more color (lava actually becomes a sight for sore eyes here!). Lighting is, like the architecture, satisfactory but nothing special. Buttresses, pillars and such are used well in order to break up the monotony, but there aren't enough of them to hide the fact that this is basically a series of rectangular rooms and hallways.

Gameplay is pretty good, throwing a variety of monsters at you usually in large room combat. This leads to some entertaining fights, avoiding Vore's firepods, Ogre's grenades, and Fiend's claws all at once. Supplies are always sufficient, so though the fighting may be challenging you aren't likely to die often or at all. A nice finale featuring a whopping load of fiends complements the map.

What you have here is a nice debut map, definitely lacking in architectural detail and layout design, but doing everything decently enough. It's certainly worth playing due to the entertaining gameplay.

Overall Score: 12/20