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Reviews: 18th May 2004 [Reviewed by Tronyn]

Game - QUAKE
Map - Hellchepsout : The temple of Hell
by - JP Lambert
Download -
Overall Verdict - debut map featuring a good egyptian theme.

This is a good debut map from newcomer J.P. Lambert. The theme is Egyptian temple, ala Mission Pack 2: The Dissolution of Eternity (specifically, "Curse of Osiris." Layout is very basic, a small chamber and stairwell leading to an outdoor temple with some basements beneath it. The fact that it is the author's first map is apparent as it basically consists of a series of hallways and rooms, without a lot of interconnectivity. However, I didn't find this to be much of a problem since I knew it was a debut map so I was expecting that, and also there were a few architectural touches like broken obelisks, that made things more interesting.

The main point with this one is that the author has hit on all the major points that make a good Quake map. A good architecture theme, pulled off at least decently, a variety of distinct areas so you don't get lost, at least one outdoor set piece, and fun gameplay. It's refreshing to see a map in which you get to use the Rocket Launcher, the Pentagram, and Quad Damage. The map is at no point very difficult (well except maybe if you jump in the wrong pool of water before checking to see what's in it- you'll see what I mean), but it is good fun to blast your way through Quake's bestiary using its high-end weaponry. Lots of claustrophobic zombie gibbing, which is always good. The finale is nice too since it doesn't just end but rather offers you a more satisfying conclusion in one of the map's cooler looking rooms.

All in all, except for the amateur-ish layout and blocky architecture, I can't find anything to fault with this level. I thought it was good fun: you will too, so get downloading.

Overall Score: 15/20