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Reviews: 27th July 2004

Game - QUAKE
Map - awsp1: Caelestis Tumultus
by - Andrew White
Download -
Overall Verdict - small-medium medieval map with a good ending.

This debut map from Andrew is an interesting mix of puzzle solving and flat out quake slaughter. Architecture is basic for the most part, square boxy rooms and corridors, with uniform texturing. As the map progresses the architecture does improve and diversify though, opening out into more interesting and larger spaces, presumably as the author became more comfortable with using his Quake 1 mapping tools. Texturing is a weak point however, especially the first half of the map; in future maps more attention needs to be paid to a coherent texture theme with more detailing and variation.

Gameplay is actually the saving grace of this map, it quite well thought out in the first few rooms, which are essentially a series of puzzles, the third room with its timer element and more complicated puzzle solution is particularly well thought out in this regard. Gameplay is well judged in terms of difficulty level, so that the difficulty steadily increases smoothly, leading to a vicious final arena where the quad damage is essential and even then there is still a real challenge.

Overall for a first map this is a reasonable effort with the decent gameplay making up for the rather simple architecture and texturing.

Overall Score: 12/20