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Reviews: 6th April 2005

Game - QUAKE
Map - odyssey1: Odyssey One
by - Whitewind [1998]
re-released & updated by - Bengt Jardrup (AguirRe) [April 2005]
Download -
Overall Verdict Decent medieval castle map with fun gameplay.

This map was originally created by Whitewind and released sometime in 1998. AguirRe decided to re-release the map with some changes in April 2005. AguirRe tried to contact the original author but was unable to do so. If you are the original author and want this map discontinued and removed from download, please contact me to do so. You should read AguirRe's "readme1st.txt" file for all the details as well as full explanations of various gameplay and technical issues/details.

Essentially the layout of this map is a steadily descending series of corridors and rooms which go deeper and deeper underground. The rooms and tunnels tend to be on quite a big scale, [although the map itself isn't that huge], and are broken up by the odd spiral staircase and a number of watery caves and sections.
As noted above, This map dates back to 1998, and it shows in the sometimes basic architecture and [particularly] in plainness and uniformity of the texturing, with large expanses of standard id textures throughout the map. There a lot of big boxy corridors and rooms with little detailing.

On the positive side, there are some notably better built, more complex set-pieces, the best of which is probably the altar room [screenshot: below, left], and the ending of the map is a nicely done longish watery channel that twists around towards the finish. Lighting is poor: flat and bright with little shadow or variation.

I recommend playing the map on hard: more monsters to fill up the big areas, and its presents a decent challenge. The key to progressing easily through the map is using monster infighting in the various rooms. Often ammo is reasonably tight and health also, so ogres vs fiend vs Hellknights fights are a thing to be encouraged.

Gameplay is reasonably well balanced in terms of challenge, in particular vores are well positioned and can cause some significant problems, but the gameplay lacks enough variety and balance to make it truly outstanding. Still, its an enjoyable enough blast, and there are some tricky sections, particularly towards the end of the map [although the eventual acquisition of the rocket launcher helps considerably].

A fun trip back in time and a decent quake 1 map, but one which lacks some variety in both architectural and gameplay terms.

Overall Score: 13/20