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Reviews: 16th July 2005 [review 2]

Game - QUAKE
Map - sgq: Star Gate Quest
by - Ben Horsley
Download -
Overall Verdict short, easy-ish base map.

This is a simple, short base map, which features some decent ideas, but also unfortunately demonstrates some basic flaws in quake 1 map design. The map comes in a pak which features some custom sounds, including some for the weapons which don't really improve on the original sounds, which in the case of Quake 1 is notoriously hard to do, because the originals were so good. =)

The map layout is a small, decently built and textured (classic id base textures) base. There are some nice features such as the "weapons scanner" and accompanying alarm, and broken doors. On the minus side, there are a number of small boxy rooms which feel rather cramped and uniform. The map is actually very small but still has 48 enemies (nearly all grunts & enforcers) packed into it.

Gameplay is fairly basic, there is a distinct lack of options in how you can approach the play through this map. The start is possibly actually the hardest part of the map, due to the fact that you only have a single shotgun and not much ammo. From there the map actually gets easier as you pick up more weapons, ammo, and health, giving the map a rather unbalanced progression. In keeping with this "it gets easier" flaw, the ending is also anticlimactic and too easy.

Overall a basic base map, which could have use more ambition, but still fun for a short, quick run through.

Overall Score: 8/20