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Reviews: 23rd July 2006 review 1

Game - QUAKE
Map - in_ovo: In Ovo (sg13,ejm2)[2 maps].
by - jaromir Bergmann
Download -
Overall Verdict - 2 very traditional medium-sized maps.

(note: there is also an unfinished map in the pack which is not reviewed).

Map 1 - sg 13: slipgate#13 This is a medium sized, oldskool base map which is a real throwback to episode 1 and early custom base maps. Architecture and texturing is classic idBase with a few extra touches, such as twisting walkways and barriers. The scale of the map is quite small with only 1 largish area near the end breaking out of the somewhat predictable, boxy/room/corridor layout. Having said that progression is made more interesting by a small amount of exploration to find the relevant buttons/gold key. The map is well built for a first map with no major errors or glaring problems, indeed the architecture and design overall is reasonable, which is helped by the decent lighting.

Gameplay suffers from being too easy, predictable and limited. Only grunts/enforcers/dogs are used which makes the map too simple. Enemy placement is also somewhat predictable. Health is a bit over-generous which adds to the lack of challenge, although weapons and ammo are balanced well enough. I think harder gameplay or less health would have helped this map a bit, but overall its a decent idBase map which is rather average in its gameplay and layout.

Map 2 - ejm2: Horror Trip This is a again a map with a traditional feel to it, done in the classic episode 2 medieval theme. Its a better map than sg13 featuring a more expansive, imaginative and interesting layout. The medieval monsters also provide tougher more interesting gameplay, although they again are usually placed quite predictably and easy to pick-off. Health and ammo supplies are OK, but you'll definitely need the grenade launcher from sg13 to finish this map easily. Perhaps more fiends and shamblers could have been used to increase difficulty.

Architecture, (as in sg13) is again quite consistently textured and themed throughout the map, to provide a atmosphere and feel strongly reminiscent of the original quake game, which is reinforced by the map size and scale. There are some good structures such as the metallic beams over pools of glowing lava, and such features are enhanced by a good use of shadows and lighting in certain areas.
Overall an improvement over sg13 and taken together the 2 maps provide a fun, very traditional q1sp experience which is a bit to easy.

Overall Scores:
sg 13: slipgate #13: 9/20
ejm2: Horror Trip: 14/20