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Reviews: 24th July 2006 review 1

Game - QUAKE
Map - trincasp3: Underground Base
by - Rui Neto(Portugal)
Download -
Overall Verdict - A base map packed with enemies but to uniform in gameplay/layout.

A base level clearly inspired by and based on Hipnotic/Ritual's Quake 1 mission pack Scourge of Armagon, this is largish map which unfortunately doesn't quite live up to its potential. Basic build quality is acceptable but lighting is flat and too uniform overall.

This uniformity extends to the map design and layout: essentially its a long series of idBase textured corridors & huge square rooms which are all rather boxy and look the same. Into each one of these big rooms spawn or appear from side areas lots of base enemies (around 275 in total on Hard). Occasionally there are some good architectural design such as the circular lift based around 3 levels, the computer room and so forth which do encourage some more interesting gameplay.

The map is also very flat and this combines with the gameplay to create a rather predictable almost DOOM-like atmosphere. On the positive side, the base enemies are a reasonable mix of standard and custom monsters including re-skinned Hellknights, Zerstorer (blue shield) Enforcers and Nailgun Enforcers. The excellent Armagon Centroids and laser gun also put in welcome appearances and help to add some variety.

The main problem in gameplay terms is that each room is very similar, a huge bunch of enforcers and grunts appear and the player can simply circle-strafe and fire round most of them until they kill each other. Unfortunately even the final arena follows this pattern to large extent and the repetiveness is compounded by the separate yet familar ending boss battle.
In summary, there is some fun to be had here, and its nice to see some of the best custom base monsters and weapons ever made make an appearance, but they are under-utilized and somewhat wasted due to the uniformity of the gameplay and layout.

Overall Score: 10/20