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Reviews: 24th July 2006 review 2

Game - QUAKE
Map - dm3rmx: The Occupied Base
by - Than
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Overall Verdict - An excellently designed base map featuring very good architecture and gameplay.

from the readme: "This level was made primarily as a single player remake of DM3...The layout and design for single player is altered significantly, with a few major additions (as you will see)."

Well this is an excellent custom base level, which does so many things right it makes it a joy to play through and explore. To start with the build quality, layout and texturing/theme: all are very well implemented. Another absolute standout feature of this medium/large, intricate level is the absolutely superb lighting, which is a complete object lesson in how to light effectively a quake 1 level to make it atmospheric and beautiful.

The layout is a curving, twisting highly interconnected base, there is a very strong vertical element to the layout, with the map centered and focused around a 3-level central curved atrium/arena which looks superb. Connected to this and around it are various well implemented sub-areas such as a tight/cramped computer control area, an excellent underwater section and various well built smaller side rooms and walkways/stairs/lifts.

Another notable feature of the map which is well done is the nice, balanced exploration. Some choice/exploration is required due to the interconnected/non-linear nature of the map, but theres an especially good balance between making things mysterious but not frustrating. I thought that the simple feature of small red arrows placed at strategic points on the walls really works well in this respect.

Gameplay is also very good, living upto the exciting map design. Theres a steady stream of well placed enforcers (placed up high, or shooting from afar) and grunts. In addition, every so often at strategic points tougher set-pieces emerge: there are a number of Shambler and fiend ambushes which are pretty hard, but not unfairly so. Also the area around the blue key is nicely done. The ending is perhaps slightly anti-climatic but at least its not boring or too hard.

In summary an excellent, curving base map with both very good architecture and gameplay.

Overall Score: 17.5/20