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Reviews: 22nd March 2007 review 2

Game - QUAKE
Map - qshift: Quakeshift
by - Anders Elvström "Elvis"
Download -
Overall Verdict - average village/sewers medium size level.

This is overall a decent map from Elvis. The theme is squarish, blocky grey brick building with wooden beams and a green foresty background. Later on as the player progresses the theme still use the grey brick texturing but the architecture changes into a network of underground tunnels and sewers.

Brushwork and texturing are both quite good, with the village at the beginning having some good details such as the flags, signs and fireplaces. The buildings are a bit cramped to move in, but as this section is not that big, it doesn't become too annoying. The sewers also feature some nice architecture and brushwork, with the central channel, metallic bars and gates, and curving ceiling. Lighting is average.

In gameplay terms, the map is reasonably successful without doing anything special, in my opinion. At the start knights are everywhere and with only the single shotgun things can be tricky. Careful skilled gameplay is required, and theres not much health around either. Gameplay becomes simpler once the double shotgun and nailgun appear. Monster placement is basic, no major mistakes, but slightly predictable and not too difficult. Monster usage is a bit uniform and disappointing; too many zombies in the tunnels, more variation including perhaps custom monsters such as quoth's excellent custom enemies might have helped here. The ending is pretty simple too.
In summary, a nice map, but nothing really stands out as being outstanding or special.

Overall Score: 13.5/20