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Reviews: 19th November 2007 [Reviewed by Tronyn]

Map - dejavu10: Deja Vu
by: RickyT23
Overall Verdict: basic episode of 6 "mini-maps".

Here we have a mini-episode consisting of a series of small (tiny, even) maps strung together. They are all base theme, and the pack as a whole uses Quoth.

Each map is a base of some sort, with idBase and a mixture of custom textures in some places. Each one has its own theme, the best two in my opinion were the two that focused on a sort of underground mines area. It's a cool theme that's been underdone. Construction is fairly elementary, there are some good touches like chairs, but overall it's pretty blocky and elementary. The scale is also smaller than usual, meaning that there is a lot of cramped-quarters fighting. This, however, is usually a good thing, as you don't have to run far to get around the small layouts, and there's a very real satisfaction to running up to low-level enemies and using the double shotgun on them.

Lighting is functional, texturing is decent, some weird combinations but most rooms look alright. The maps do slowly improve in quality and scale, the last map is significantly larger than all those before it, with an outdoor area surrounding a darker/grimier base than the previous levels. Combat is much harder in this map, with more Quoth enemies making appearances (up to this point, it's only the laser drone that appears). The finale itself is quite difficult actually, with high-level enemies and lava.

I found the lighting in the last map a bit dark, which could make player movement difficult in some areas like the aforementioned lava finale. Anyway, fun for a quick blast, against mostly base enemies, but don't expect anything visually outstanding or conceptually impressive.

overall score: 10/20