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Reviews: 19th November 2007 review 2 [Reviewed by Tronyn]

Map - fr3nrun2: The Grand Guignol
by: Fern
Overall Verdict: challenging custom egyptian map with a focus on gameplay.

Fern's return is a small-medium, neat 'n tidy indoor map done up in Egyptian textures. The map consists of a series of bright, clean, airy rooms, mostly square, but on different vertical levels and interlocked in different ways. Texturing is good, with a variety of colors perhaps unusual for Quake, and beams, spikes and windows giving some variety to the rooms. The lighting is functional, with skylight in some courtyard areas.

There is only one skill level, which is a decent challenge, and picks up steeply near the end. You begin fighting mostly Ogres and Knights, but by the end the ratio is tilted strongly towards Shamblers and Vores. You cannot afford to let yourself lose much health either, so saving at health points might be a decent idea in some cases. The final chamber itself is also quite difficult.

There are some secrets that may help make the combat more fair in places. Overall, this a neat little map, with combat that is actually surprisingly brutal.

overall score: 13/20