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Name Strength. Service. Honour.
Game Quake
Type Single player
Download FilePlanet

I viewed, and still do, Strength. Service. Honour. as my coming of age as a mapper. Visually the level still has a very distinct theme, with amazing textures and an oppressive feel. The visual style is still among my favorites, and I feel a lot could be done with it even today. Some shortcomings include focusing on the visuals while the gameplay can feel lacking. There was an idea I had when creating the level to add a final room void of monsters as a surprise for the player, but this didn't go over well, and I can now admit myself that it really could have used a more climactic ending. The rock texture was also something that wasn't really received well. All in all, an interesting visual style and strong, if a bit out-dated, looks add value to the level beyond its age.
The level was released back in 2001.