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Name Nehahra
Game Quake
Type Mod
Download Nehahra site

Nehahra, among the most ambitious single player projects ever undertaken for Quake. By the time the idea was set in motion, most people viewed Quake as dead and buried, and heralds like Half-Life were already immensely popular. Nehahra still stands as one of the largest Quake mods to be released, with 17 new single player levels, an absolutely massive 4 hour long intro movie, new monsters and allies, and a new engine. Nehahra managed to draw under its wings some of the very best mappers, some of who have since then disappeared from mapping. Oh, and me. I created two full levels for the mod, as well as a non-playable level only seen in the intro movie. My levels are the transition between the base style into the medieval and more industrial landscapes. They don't offer quite as breath-taking sights as some of the other levels, but are still solid and good quality.

The mod, even though it was released nearly 6 years ago, is still very much worth playing, and the intro movie is a sight in itself.
Nehahra was released back in 2000.