* TeamFortress v2.666                                           versions.txt *
Version info for those that interested:
Version 2.9				   Released 23/10/98
Features Added:
	- Put in several QW server defaults due to changes in QW 2.3
		pausable = 0
		sv_friction = 6
		sv_waterfriction = 1
	- Spys can now silently feign without a death scream with the command "sfeign".
		The feign command in the spy's "special" menu will only do the default
		non-silent feign.
	- Persons in spectator mode can ID players they are looking at
		(if they are in range).  Also if the spectator has admin privilages, they
		can use the admin commands (see below).
	- Added "clan1" thru "clan5" commands which play clan1.wav thru clan5.wav to all 
	  members of your team.... only active if the server has serverinfo "clanmsgs" "on".

	- Tweaked concussion effect to take a player's ping into consideration.  Removed
		snapping the player's view.  Also a jumping player should get some concussion
		effects now.
	- HWGuy's are not affected by the concussion grenade's effects only when firing.
	- HWGuy is thrown slightly less by explosions.
	- HWGuy's "special" bind now switches between the Assault Cannon and the
		Super Shotgun.
	- Medic's "special" bind now switches between the Medikit and the Super
	- Admin commands have changed:
		- Instead of using the admin command "kick" to deal with a player, you
		now use the command "deal".  That command will do the same thing "kick"
		did, but this time after listing the name of each player in the game
		there is the option to use the commands "kick" (to simply kick them
		from the server), "ban" (to add their IP address to be banned from the
		server), or "next" (to list the next player in the game).
		When a player is banned with this method, their IP address will be removed
		from the server banlist if the server is ever restarted.
		- The command "listips" will show a list of all players in the game, along
		with their IP address in this format: NAME (IP ADDRESS)
	- Scout's scanner upgraded and commands changed.  The command has changed now
		to "autoscan" (you can still use the old commands if you still have them bound
		and they will execute the "autoscan" command). This command turns
		on/off the scout scanner. It will keep sending out "bursts" every 2 seconds while
		it is on. It is defaulted to only scan for enemies (this includes players,
		sentries and flags/goal items), but can be changed by using the commands "scane"
		(scan enemies) and "scanf" (scan friendlies). You CAN have both set.  The scanner
		also now has the ability to play a sound to the player if it detects an enemy.
		It is off by default but can be switched on/off with the "scansound" command.
		Also, the statusbar will now report what your scanner has detected (i.e., "Red
		Soldier", "Blue Sentry", etc.) and it's range from you in approximate meters.
	- EMP Grenades will not destroy own-team buildings if explosive damage to teammates
		is turned off on the server.
	- When medikit is selected, the medikit ammo will be displayed.
	- When a spy feigns he will now drop all goal items.
	- Feigning spies are no longer ID-able by enemies.
	- Spy's backstab ignores armor.
	- Spy now is allowed to have (and starts with) yellow armor.
	- New sentry code for finding targets.
	- Limited number of active napalm grenades and gas grenades per player to 2.
	- Incresed cell useage for cannon powerup from 4 to 7 to compensate for newly increased
		damage from bug fix.  Also the Heavy Weapon's guy can no longer move while
		spinning the Assault Cannon up, down, or while firing.
	- Thrown grenades now have a "throwing" sound rather than the grenade launcher sound.

Bugs Fixed:
	- A dead scout can no longer disarm a detpack.
	- Health boxes will now heal leg damage even if the player's health is
		>= his class's max health.
	- HWGuy can shoot while on the ground underwater now.
	- Demoman help menu fixed to show "[7] Pipebomb launcher".
	- Napalm Grenade fixed.  Explosions now follow the grenade instead of staying where
		the initial explosion started.  Also grenade will now properly extinguish if it
		enters water while exploding.
	- Fixed invisibility bug with spy (disguise & Ring of Shadows problems).
	- Removed the stuff regarding "imin1", "imin2", etc. (no longer used).
	- Fixed the old TF weblink.
	- Fixed the problem of armor gotten from a goal-item not absorbing damage.
	- Buildings and detpacks should get telefragged if a player respawns into them.
	- Fixed a few death message problems.
	- Multiple concussion grenade hits on a player should now only add on to the time
		the concussion effects last.
	- Fixed soldier clip reloading.
	- Fixed problem with some of the sounds that should play with the spy gas gren
	- Sentry will no longer fire at feigning spies.
	- Fixed bug with Assault Cannon damage.

Version 2.81               Released 25/5/98
Bugs Fixed:
	- Caltrops should now hurt the enemy when teamplay is set to not hurt

Version 2.8                 Released 21/5/98
	- Impulse 100 removed.
	- Limited # of flares useable at one time to 9 / # of teams.
	- Scout must be looking directly at a detpack for him to begin disarming.
	- Made abbreviations for more setinfo commands:
		bd = birthday
		sbr = sbar_res
		sbs = sbar_size
		apw = adminpwd
		ec = exec_class
		ws = use_standard ("War Standard" flags)
	- EMP grenades now do damage to sentry guns.
	- New in-game messages for medic healing functions, spy uncovering and
		"aerial" pipebomb kills.  Made unique death messages for use
		with statistical programs in distinguishing classes.  Also team messages
		when engineer buildings are dismantled by other teammates.
	- Changed concussion grenade effects.  Instead of your "vision" only being
		impaired, you now stumble around.  The more you try to move, the more
		you stumble.  If you are against a wall and not moving at all, you can
		stabalize yourself.
	- Limited the amount of concussion grenades a medic/scout can carry to 3.
	- Put back the TF "War Standard" option for maps.
	- Sentry guns now have a muzzleflash.
	- Scout's Flash Grenade replaced with the Caltrops Canister. Limited
		carry amount to 3 of these.  Prime time is 1 second.  When dropped,
		6 caltrops (spikes) will scatter on the ground at the scout's feet.
		Hitting a caltrop will cause damage and slow down the player until
		being healed (by health box or medic).
	- Server setting available to those who want to use the old effect grenades
		(i.e., old concussion, gas, and flash grenades): set "old_grens" to "on"
		(or abbreivated "og").  Default is "off".
	- If the player has the setinfo string "exec_map" (or "em") set, the file
		"mapdefault.cfg" will be executed if it exists when the player enters a server
		or the server map changes. If the player also has a specific .cfg file for the
		map on the server, that file will also be executed. (i.e., The player enters
		the game and 2fort5 is playing. The script "mapdefault.cfg" will be executed
		and then "2fort5.cfg" - if it exists).
	- New spy gas grenade effects:  No more color changing for affected players.
		More explosion effects and random pain sounds (but no actual pain except when in
		the gas cloud itself) and other "illusions".  New effects disabled (like the
		other new grens) with the "old_grens" server setting.
	- Sniper sight is now a red dot which is now visible in both GL and non-GL QW 2.2x.

Bugs Fixed:
	- SpyInvis Only setting on non QW servers fixed.
	- Removed ability for multiple invincible sentry guns cheat.
	- Cannot use RandomPC to choose a server restricted class.
	- Due to stronger kicking, any cheats that were the result of
		getting "kicked" and staying in the game, such as the Medic/Sniper
		cheats, are now impossible.
	- Spy can no longer unfeign when anything at all is on top of him.
	- Detpacks can no longer hang in the air.
	- If sentry gun becomes separated (i.e., the gun "head" detaches from
		the base), it will blow up (i.e., "malfunction").
	- Fixed some typo's.
	- Sentry gun will not keep beeping when someone disconnects within its
	- Pyro flames really will go out under water now.
	- Fixed bug where medic would get multiple frags if infecting a player more
		than once and them dying by a means other than the infection.

Version 2.7                 Released 29/1/98
    - Players with NoMove set cannot be moved by damage.

Bugs Fixed:
    - Finally fixed the pipebomb counting bug. (Thanks dz!)
    - HWGuy moving at fullspeed while spinning loophole fixed.
    - That minor sentry cheat/bug fixed.

Version 2.666              Released 16/12/97
    - Demomen can only have 1 detpack active at a time.

Bugs Fixed:
    - Spy disguise menu is now removed after picking up a flag.

Version 2.65 Bug Fix E
Features Added:
    - Serverinfo key "exec_map_cfgs". If set to "on", then whenever the 
      map changes, the server will automatically exec "qwmcycle/.cfg"

    - Nailgun and Supernailgun's now use double the ammo, fire at half
      the rate, and do double the damage they used to. Should reduce lag.
    - Net Napalm grenade light shrunk.

Bugs Fixed:
    - Telefrag problems with Team 1 Spawnpoints fixed.
    - Security loophole with player's names fixed.
    - Spy skins not being reset correctly when custom skins were being used.
    - Exploding Sentrys/Dispensers producing the wrong death messages fixed.
    - Red GL Glow not being removed from players with pent and flag.

Map Code Changes:
    - Flaginfo now allows you to specify only some of the flaginfo strings.

Version 2.65 Bug Fix D
    - Buildings check the area under themselves and fall they're in the air.
    - No Bioinfections during Prematch mode.
    - In LAN version, Cheat Checking is now off by default, and can be
      turned on using the "temp1" var. Read the server.txt file for info.
    - Soldiers can only have 2 nail grenades active at once now.

Bug Fixes:
    - Bioinfections during prematch mode removed.
    - Loophole in reloading fixed.
    - Scouts killed while disarming in QW don't continue to disarm.
    - Player frame cycling loophole in Axe/Hook use fixed.

Map Code Bug Fixes:
    - GoalItem return messages appearing when Goal's
      force returns. Will fix "flag has returned" when
      capturing a flag.
    - GoalItem Drop initial origin changed.

Version 2.65 Bug Fix C
    - Soldier can only carry 2 nail grenades at a time.
    - Engineer Build area-checking is a little tougher now, and
      should prevent you building in corners where the building
      will fall out.

Bug Fixes:
    - Spawnpoints not working correctly fixed.
    - Glow not being removed from players with quad and flag.
    - Friendly Sentry IDs sometimes reporting as enemies fixed.
    - Admins can toggle ceasefire while dead.
    - Players cannot be killed during ceasefire.

Map Code Bug Fixes:
    - Criteria for Spawnpoints working correctly now.

Version 2.65 Bug Fix B
    - Nobody should be able to get in using the "skins"
      command hack ever again.
    - Servers running in Clan Mode should be secure again.
    - Map Code cycling with QW2.01's method will work
      now even if the serverinfo/localinfo key "n" is set.
    - Map cycling key "n" moved back to serverinfo.

Map Code Enhancements:                                   
    - GoalItems dropped by living or dead players now
      don't return immediately if they fall out of the world.
      Instead, they "retry" the drop 3 times. If all fail,
      then they return.

Map Code Bug Fixes:
    - Activating Goals remove their model correctly again.

Version 2.65 Bug Fix A
Features Added:
    - MOTD localinfo for servers.
    - Support for the QW 2.01's method of map cycling.
    - QW TF Map cyling now has extra added tang.
      See qwserver.txt for full info.

    - Dispenser death message tells you who's dispenser it was.
    - Cheat checking's a little nastier now.

Bugs Fixed:
    - Disappearing flags bug fixed.
    - Dispensers shouldn't drop thru floors anymore.
    - Dropitems won't allow you to throw items out of the world anymore.
    - HWGuys picking up ammobox/discards while firing cannon fixed.
    - Pipebombs/Detpacks/etc left by disconnecting players don't explode.
    - EMP Grenades not affecting players fixed.
    - Spectators passing on Bio-infections fixed.
    - Scores changing after the match is over fixed.
    - "serverinfo n" being used instead of "localinfo n". This will fix
      the server cfg problem.
Map Code Bug Fixes:
    - All abbreviations working correctly now.
    - Grenade removal goals remove primed grenades as well.

Version 2.6 Final Release - Released 22/7/97
    - Teleporters removed.
    - Server Admin password moved to localinfo.
    - Clan skins moved to localinfo.
    - Detpacks blocking lifts or doors are removed.
    - Detpacks pumped upto 700 radius.
    - All class speeds reevaluated.
    - Buildings add towards AutoKick Teamkill tally now.
    - Net Napalm Grenade weakened slightly.
    - Sentry Rotation moved to the menu.
    - Sentry Targeting range reduced. Still better than
      the 2.5 targeting system.

Bugs Fixed:
    - Scout flash grenade crashing the server.
    - Scout concussion grenade not restoring fov correctly.
    - Speed limitations not working for spy feigning fixed.
    - Detpack noise not being precached.
    - Disease re-infecting immediately after heal fixed.
    - Invulnerability trick now thwarted.
    - Admin commands not working fixed.
    - Gas Gren hurting teammates fixed. It still messes with their vision.
    - Observers being able to suicide fixed.
    - Observers being able to push buttons fixed.
    - Flares sticking to sky.

Version 2.6 Final Beta
Features Added:
    - Full Team Score
        A third scoring system, which is a combination of TeamFrags and 
        Normal. Each player's frags are equal to the Team's frags + the
        Team's score for map related goals.
    - PreMatch Mode
        Servers operating in Clan Battle Mode can set a PreMatch time period,
        in which Players can run around and shoot, but do nothing else.
        Once the PreMatch time is over, players are respawned.
    - Cease Fire Time
        Servers operating in Clan Battle Mode can set a Cease Fire time
        period at the beginning of the Match, in which Players can't move 
        or shoot.
    - Class Restrictions
        Servers can limit the number of players, in the same team, able to play 
        the same class. This can also be used to prevent any classes from being
        played at all.
    - Player Substitutions
        During Clan Battles, players who drop off and rejoin are automatically
        put in the same team they were in, and their Class, frags, etc are
        restored. Players can also sub in for another player in this way.
    - Locked Games
        Servers can prevent anyone joining games after the PreMatch time
        is over, except for substitutions for disconnected players.
    - Flag Emulation
        When turned on for the old maps which use keys for Flags, this
        feature will change the key to the new TF Flag.
    - Admin Capabilities
        Servers can have "admin" players who don't know the rcon password,
        but still have the ability to kick players and force cease-fires.
    - AutoKick
        Servers can enable an Autokicker which kicks players who kill
        a set number of their teammates over a set time period.
    - Anyone can tell the server they don't want to see the Classhelp
      by setting their infokey "classhelp" (or "ch") to "off".
    - Engineers can use the "detdispenser", "detsentry", "detentrance",
      and "detexit" commands to detonate their buildings without using 
      the menus.
    - Engineer buildings now explode when killed, with a blast radius
      dependant on the amount of explosive ammo they had in them.
    - Engineers can now build Teleporter Pads. He can only have one
      entrance and one exit in existence at the one time, but either 
      can be dismantled and built elsewhere without affecting the other.
      Teammates can use the teleporter by running onto it and stopping.
    - Engineers can rotate their sentries by hitting them with the spanner 
      to bring up the menu, and then each spanner hit after that rotates
      the sentry by 45 degrees.
    - Sentry Guns now attack monsters in Co-Op mode.
    - More realistic falling damage.
    - Players can use impulse 69 to change to the previously selecter weapon.
    - QW Servers can specify an alternative directory to "qwmcycle" 
      using the "mapdir" serverinfo key, and the server will use the 
      mapX.cfg files in that directory instead.
    - QW Servers can now store TF in any directory, but the "sv_gamedir"
      key must still be "fortress". 
    - Players can now change classes using the "changeclass" command,
      if the server allows it. This will bring up the normal class menu.
    - Players can set the "take_sshot" infokey to "on", which will make
      TF automatically take a screenshot of the end game scores for you.
    - Players can set the "exec_class" infokey to "on", which will make
      TF automatically exec the "class".cfg file whenever you change
      classes. (e.g. it'll exec scout.cfg if you're a scout)
    - Thanks to the QW Team's addition of player maxspeeds, and the increase
      of the QW speed limit, all classes now move at their correct speeds,
      and speed cheating is impossible, even wall-strafing.
    - 4 More Teamplay bits which work as follows:
    	Bit 128:   Team-members only lose 1/2 armor from direct fire.
    	Bit 256:   Team-members lose no armor from direct fire.
    	Bit 512:   Team-members only lose 1/2 armor from area-affect weaponry.
    	Bit 1024:  Team-members lose no armor from area-affect weaponry.
        Bit 2048:  Team-members take 1/2 mirror damage from direct fire.
        Bit 4096:  Team-members take full mirror damage from direct fire.
        Bit 8192:  Team-members take 1/2 mirror damage from area-affect weaponry.
        Bit 16384: Team-members take full mirror damage from area-affect weaponry.

    - Demoman don't start with Blast armor. Their max armor was increased by 20.
    - Demoman speed dropped by 20.
    - The Detpack drastically changed. It now affects a much smaller
      area, but does a lot of damage to all in it. Time taken to set it
      reduced to 3 seconds.
    - Scouts get a frag for disarming a detpack.
    - Scouts/Spies get a frag for unmasking enemy spies.
    - Scout's bounding box restored to the normal player size.
    - Scout's scanner cost nothing to use now.
    - Heavy Weapons Guy's Assault Cannon damage increased.
    - Heavy Weapons Guy max armor increased.
    - Snipers now "shoot" flares, allowing them to fire them much further.
    - Sniper rifle targeter is back to being a sprite again. This will make
      it more visible in GLQuake and GLQWCL.
    - Pyro flames on players now replace older ones.
    - Pyro "special" command now swaps between Flamethrower and Incendiary Cannon.
    - Pyro indendiary rockets set players alight through walls as they
      used to do, but only if they're within 1/2 the rocket's blast radius.
      Effectively, it'll only set alight players who're very close to the wall.
    - Pyro napalm grenades in the net version are now actually dangerous.
    - Engineer detonates buildings with 7 & 8 now, instead of 1 & 2,
      hopefully preventing ppl from accidently detonating their buildings.
    - Sentries damage increased due to their loss of quad.
    - Sentries lock onto targets faster now.
    - Medic bioinfections are airborn now... they infect ppl much more.
    - Medic gets the kills for all players killed by his/her infection.
    - Discard Backpacks tell you who dropped them when picked up.
    - Players can't injure their own team's dispensers.
    - Concussion gren's mess with your fov now too.
    - Proxy spruced up the menus.

Bugs Fixed:
    - Fixed CTF emulation again.
    - Spies feigning on top of other spies fixed.
    - Spies being able to shoot and stay disguised fixed.
    - Spies disguise handles non-standard skins correctly.
    - Spies start with ammo for their nailgun now.
    - Engineers getting frags for their Sentries killing teammates fixed.
    - Engineers being able to kill teammates with teamkills off fixed.
    - Engineers being able to build sentries in the air fixed.
    - Sentries getting quad every 3 seconds fixed.
    - Sentries lock onto enemy spies who've only changed their skin now.
    - Sentries targeting from their base fixed.
    - Sentries not firing rockets when out of shells fixed.
    - Sentries making firing noises and not actually firing fixed.
    - Sentries not rotating around the 0 degree mark fixed.
    - Pyro flamethrower setting flames underwater fixed.
    - Pyro flames on the ground in QW being "sticky".
    - Heavy Weapon Guy's shell ammo not being updated correctly fixed.
    - Detpack's blocking lifts are now removed.
    - Nail ammo being destroyed by EMP grenades fixed.
    - Players joining teams in a server with TeamFrags on now have their
      frags set to the team's score straight away.

Map Code Bug Fixes:
    - Else Goals using the wrong Activating Goal when checking for
      whether they should apply results fixed.
    - Non-TF ents activating Else Goals without checking their
      criteria first fixed.
    - Goal Items staying active after they killed a player in the process 
      of retrieving it fixed.
    - Skill Existence Behaviour now works correctly.

Map Code Enhancements:                                   
    - Map Debug cleaned up a lot.
    - Showloc debug dumps the current angle too.
    - A new bit (32) was added to "goal_result" for Goals/etc which forces
      anyone affected by the goal to simply respawn. The player doesn't
      die... just respawns.
    - A new bit (2048) was added to "goal_activation" for Goals and GoalItems.
        2048: If this bit is set, the Goal/Item drops to the ground when it
              first spawns.
    - Another new bit (4096) was added to "goal_result" for GoalItems.
        4096: If this bit is set, any player carrying this item can drop
              it using the "dropitems" command.
    - Yet another bit (8192) was added to "goal_activation" for GoalItems.
        8192: If this bit is set, the GoalItem is Solid while not
              being carried by a player. This means it blocks bullets,
              N.B. It will also block any players that don't pass it's
                   criteria. Players that do pass the criteria will
                   simply pick it up.
    - The size of a Goal or GoalItem can now be set using the "goal_min"
      and "goal_max" variables to set the min and max bounding box.
      If not set, they default to:
		"goal_min"       "-16 -16 -24"
		"goal_max"       "16 16 32"
    - More Abbreviations, as follows:
            "h_i_g"	    for     "has_item_from_group"
            "r_i_g" 	for     "remove_item_group"

            "a_s"		for     "ammo_shells"
            "a_n"		for     "ammo_nails"
            "a_r"		for     "ammo_rockets"
            "a_c"		for     "ammo_cells"

            "rv_s_h"	for     "remove_spawngroup"
            "rs_s_h"	for     "restore_spawngroup"
            "rv_gr"	    for     "remove_group_no"
            "rs_gr"	    for     "restore_group_no"
            "rv_g"	    for     "remove_goal_no"
            "rs_g"	    for     "restore_goal_no"
	- The "ex_skill_min" and "ex_skill_max" variables can now
      use "-1" to mean 0. This is needed because specifying either
      as 0 is the same as not specifying it at all.
      E.g. An entity with:
                "ex_skill_min" "-1"
                "ex_skill_max" "-1"
           Would only exist at skill 0.
            An entity with:
                "ex_skill_min" "-1"
                "ex_skill_max" "2"
           Would only exist at skill 0, 1, or 2.

Version 2.5 Final Release - Released 13/6/97
Bugs Fixed:
	- Detpack countdown's being removed when an EMP grenade destroys the pack.
	- CTF emulation being broken by the tf_flag.mdl fixed.

Version 2.5 Final Beta - Released 10/6/97
	- Added support for QW "rj" key to allow RocketJump customisation.
	- Soldiers Rocket damage increased to 92 direct, 92+rnd(20) splash.
	- Demoman starts with Blast resistant armor.
	- Detpacks are removed if the demoman who set them disconnects.
	- Map Code mdl setting cleaned up.
	- Players in Observer mode have their skin set to base.
	- CTF support now uses the tf_flag.mdl 
	- Decapitation removed in QW version, since we were exceeding QW's
	  16 meg RAM limit.

Bugs Fixed:
	- Engineer out of shells being unable to select railgun fixed.
	- Special Armor types not updating correctly fixed.
	- Incendiary Rockets injuring teammates fixed.

Map Code Enhancements:
	- A new bit (64) was added to the "goal_effects".
	  	64 : If this bit is set, then instead of just applying this Goal's
			 results to the group of players specified by the other 
			 "goal_effects" variable, this Goal checks it's criteria for
			 each player in the group and then applies it's results 
			 invididually to any of them that pass.

Version 2.5 Beta I  - Released  3/6/97
Features Added:
	- Respawn Delay code fixed. QW servers can set a respawn delay by
	  using the serverinfo key "respawn_delay" to set a time in seconds.
	  LAN servers can have a set Respawn Delay of 5 seconds by using the
	  "temp1" variable.
	  Suiciding players cannot respawn for an extra 5 seconds.
	- EMP Grenades detonate pipebombs and ammoboxes/discard-backpacks.
	- Forced Reloading time is now proportional to the number of empty
	  spaces in the clip.
	- Dispensers create ammo inside themselves at a rate of 
	  20 shells, 30 nails, 15 rockets, 20 cells, & 25 armor every 10 seconds.
	- Player suiciding or killing themselves while infected now
	  give the medic a frag.
	- IDing sentries/dispensers tells you who built them.
	- Direct selection impulse for Axe added. The impulse is 40.
	  It will select the axe equivalent for your current class.
	  e.g. Knife for Spy, Spanner for Engineer, BioWeapon for Medic,
	       Axe for everyone else.

	- When a player gets ammo/armor from a dispenser, he/she attempts to
	  get as much as they can carry in one go.
	- Drop Ammo amount and Dispenser Ammo Retrieval amount doubled.
	- Detpacks can't be set with fuses shorter than 5 seconds.
	- Nail Grenade's nails don't knock players around.
	- Nail Grenade's nails damage decrease to by a 1/3.
	- Heavy Weapons Man is not knocked around by the damage he takes.
	- Tweaked Soldier and Medic.

Bug Fixes:
	- Bug in alias creation fixed. ZMalloc should occur less frequently now.
	- Pyro rockets/flames hurting teammates fixed.
	- Demomen retrieving detpacks being unable to move fixed.
	- Sentry Gun's not using rocket ammo fixed.
	- Sentry Gun's taking double damage from explosions fixed.
	- Sentry Gun's not shooting anyone in DM fixed.
	- Team Centerprinting in DM fixed.
	- Detpack blocking fixed.
	- Engineer getting other class's weapons fixed. Sorry ;)
	- Railgun weapon selection fixed.
	- Detpack countdown being removed if setter dies fixed.
	- Armor picture being incorrectly updated fixed.
	- Status Bar crashing in Size 3 (No Console) fixed.
	  There is only two Statusbar sizes now: Full Console and Half Console.

Map Code Changes:
	- "armortype" variable for Goals used to be added to player's current
	  armortype. Now, the player's armortype is set to the Goals "armortype".
	  Armortypes are:   
			0.3 : Green
			0.6 : Yellow
			0.8 : Red

Map Code Bug Fixes:
	- Illegal Classes handling for Spy, Engineer, and RandomPC fixed.
	- Goals starting in Removed state being visible fixed.
	- GoalItem's Reverse activation bit working now.
	- Timer Goals not checking criteria properly fixed.
	- Abbreviations for "info_tfdetect" entities fixed.
	- Goal's giving armor not updating the picture fixed.

Map Code Enhancements:
	- A new bit (32) was added to the "goal_effects".
	  	32	:	If a player who fits one of the other "goal_effects" variables
				is not in the same environment as the Goal, don't affect him.
				Environments are air, water, slime, lava.
				e.g. If a Goal is above some water, and does a radius effect
				     with "t_length", and a player in the water is within the
					 radius, he won't be affected if this bit is set.

Version 2.5 Beta H  - Released 27/5/97
Features Added:
	- Demomen can select pipebomb launcher with impulse 7, and 6
	  always selects normal grenades.

	- Medic's now heal teammates fully in one hit with the medikit, and
	  it doesn't use any medikit ammo.
	- If a Medic hits a teammate with the medikit, and the teammate is already
	  fully healed, then the Medic will add 5 megahealth to the teammate,
	  upto 50 megahealth over the teammates max health. This uses up 1 medikit
	  ammo per 5 megahealth.
	- Medic's now use 1 medikit ammo per 1 health regenerated.
	- Engineer's repair 4 armor for every 1 metal now.
	- New Dispenser mdl by Jim Kaufman. It's now smaller, and can be jumped.
	- Players can't shoot for 0.4s after spawning, to prevent ppl dying in a
	  fight from accidently shooting teammates.
	- The use of "samelevel" restored, and we now use the serverinfo key "n"
	  to store the current level number in the cycle. Read the qw.txt file
	  for full details.

Bugs Fixed:
	- Demomen "bouncing" as they set detpacks.
	- "trigger_hurt" entities only gibbing a player once.
	- Engineer's building cleaned up. No more build-sentry-change-class,
	  or build-sentry-reconnect.

Map Code Changes:
	- Goals that injure players they affect never gib the player. This should
	  stop Jim Kaufman's Rock map crashing.

Map Code Enhancements:
	- There are now abbreviations for many of the mapcode entity's strings.
	  This should help for those of you having trouble with Quake's limit on
	  a map's entity details.
	  The Abbreviations are as follows:
			"i_p_t"   for   "info_player_teamspawn"
			"i_t_g"   for   "info_tfgoal"
			"i_t_t"   for   "info_tfgoal_timer"

		Common Variables
			"g_a"     for   "goal_activation"
			"g_e"     for   "goal_effects"

		String Variables
			"t_s_h"   for   "team_str_home"
			"t_s_m"   for   "team_str_moved"
			"t_s_c"   for   "team_str_carried"
			"n_s_h"   for   "non_team_str_home"
			"n_s_m"   for   "non_team_str_moved"
			"n_s_c"   for   "non_team_str_carried"

			"b_b"     for   "broadcast"
			"b_t"     for   "team_broadcast"
			"b_n"     for   "non_team_broadcast"
			"b_o"     for   "owners_team_broadcast"
			"n_b"     for   "netname_broadcast"
			"n_t"     for   "netname_team_broadcast"
			"n_n"     for   "netname_non_team_broadcast"
			"n_o"     for   "netname_owners_team_broadcast"

			"d_t"     for   "team_drop"
			"d_n"     for   "non_team_drop"
			"d_n_t"   for   "netname_team_drop"
			"d_n_n"   for   "netname_non_team_drop"

Version 2.5 Beta G  - Released 21/5/97
Features Added:
	- Players using the "saveme" impulse now yell "Medic!"
	- "id" impulse, allowing you to identify players

	- Detpack's explosion size lowered.
	- Frag for killing an enemy sentry gun.
	- Engineer's Railgun used nails instead of metal.

Bugs Fixed:
	- Detpacks exploding outside the map in QW fixed.
	- Number of Special Grenades limited to 4 of each type.
	- Number of Detpacks limited to 1.
	- Napalm grenades not removing themselves underwater.
	- Pipebomb counting tweaked.
	- Server's not being able to enable the grapple with the 
	  "serverinfo g on" method fixed.
	- Grenades exploding in player's hands hurting teammates
	  when teamplay is on.

Map Code Bug Fixes:
	- Dead Players getting GoalItems fixed.

Map Code Changes:
	- Goals can now affects players who are dead, allowing dead players
	  to get teamscores when their team captures flags, etc. 

Version 2.5 Beta F  - Released 17/5/97
Features Added:
	- Much more powerful and admin-friendly map cycling method.
	- Decapitation.
	- Status Bar, showing team scores, as well as various details 
	  depending on the class you're playing.
	- Engineer is alerted when his/her sentry is destroyed.
	- Completely new user-friendly map cycling method.
	- Scout now has a flash grenade.
	- "fortress" gamedir is enforced.
	- "discard" alias, which drops all ammo your carrying that
	  can't be used by your class in a single backpack.
	- Some new models, including a new grapple-gun, hook, and
	  a headless player.
	- Assault Cannon's damage increased.
	- Gas Grenades that explode underwater don't make gas.
	- Sniper's cannot jump and fire the sniper rifle.

Bugs Fixed:
	- Engineers can't build more than one of each building.
	- Kicked for color cheating in co-op fixed.
	- Class help corrected.
	- Engineers can't repair armor on players with no armor.
	- Spies can't feign on top of other spies.
	- Illegal Classes & Deathmatch 3 fixed.
	- Shub death by gunfire fixed.

Map Code Enhancements:
	- Buttons can use bit 4(8) of the "goal_activation" variable
	  to make them only activated when hit by an engineer's spanner.

Map Code Bug Fixes:
	- Various centerprinted messages have been fixed.

Map Code Changes:
	- "delay" variable used for delaying goal results has been changed
	  to "delay_time", to allow for better backwards compatability.

Map Code breakages (Old maps won't work if you used these)
	- Way back in version 1.3 the "goal_effects" variable was introduced,
	  to allow goals to affect more than one player. In version 1.21 you
	  didn't have to specify a "goal_effects" variable... instead, any
	  goal simply affected it's AP. To allow for backwards compatability,
	  in all versions since 1.3, any Goal that did not specify a "goal_effects"
	  field automatically had it's "goal_effects" set to 1, which is affect
	  AP only. This has become a problem now, since it prevents map-makers
	  from having goals that have a "goal_effects" of 0.
	  From this version onwards, the "goal_effects" variable will be left 
	  as it is in the .map file. So, if you have a map which contains any
	  Goals/Items that do _not_ have a "goal_effects" variable specified,
	  add it in and set it to 1.

Version 2.5 Beta E  - Released 25/4/97
Features Added:
	- Spy disguising is more user-friendly.

Bugs Fixed:
	- Engineers can't build more than one of each building by suiciding.
	- Scouts getting removed fixed.
	- Spy disguise being removed by enemies is better.

Version 2.5 Beta D  - Released 22/4/87
Bugs Fixed:
	- Sentryguns not targeting the right people. And they
	  target faster now.
	- Toggleflag defines fixed, so serverinfo keys are working again.

Version 2.5 Beta C  - Released 21/4/87
Features Added:
	- "Help!!!" impulse implemented. Any player can do issue just do it
	  using the "saveme" command. Any medic/engineer on the same team as
	  that person will see a lightning bolt effect around that player.
	  Use it to signal you need help.
	  Spy's can see anyone of any team doing it.
	- Spies and Scouts who touch any undercover enemy Spy remove the
	  enemy's disguise.
	- Spy now has a knife model.
	- Engineers can remotely detonate their buildings.

	- QW Serverinfo keys shortened to fit 256 char keyspace.
	- QW "temp1" key can be used like the temp1 var in normal quake.
	- Assault Cannon winds up in 1/2 the time.
	- Since the new cheat checking is tougher, moving with the mouse
	  has been allowed again.

Bugs Fixed:
	- Snipers changing weapons while aiming fixed.
	- Sentries won't shoot at feigning spies now.
	- Healing infection from your team fixed.
	- Building code rewritten. It should be more robust now.
	- Players being unable to respawn fixed.
	- Color/Skin cheat checking shouldn't kick non-cheaters now.
	- Players with no weapon being hit by an EMP grenade won't cause problems now.
	- Players being prevented from moving shouldn't be kicked for speed 
	  cheating straight away.

Version 2.5 Beta B  - Released 16/4/97
	- Engineers can only have 1 dispenser at a time.
	- Dispenser health lowered.
	- SentryGuns can only be activated by their owners.
	- Player's can't hurt turrets/dispensers made by their teammembers.

Bugs Fixed:
	- CycleWeapon crashing servers fixed.
	- Spy Color changing fixed.
	- Building/Stop-Building/Build loophole fixed.
	- Buildings are destroyed if the Engineer who built them changes class.

Version 2.5 Beta A  - Released 13/4/97
Classes: Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demolitions Man, Combat Medic,
		 Heavy Weapons Guy, Spy, Engineer.

Features Added:
	- New, improved, and just plain nastier cheat checking.
	- Concussed ppl make bubbles.
	- Sniper rifle now has locational damage, like TF-Sniper.
	- Support for skins for each class for each team. Good for Clan battles.
	- A new alias called "special", which does the primary 
	  ability of your class.

	- Assault Cannon redone with no cooling. Looks and sounds fantastic now.
	- Grenade models for all types.
	- Detpack model.
	- Ammobox model.

Quakeworld Additions:
	- QuakeWorld servers can use various Keys to set options. Keys are:
	  "autoteam", "grapple", "teamfrags", etc. See QW.TXT for details.

	- Major code cleanup. A lot of redundant code/features removed.
	- Demomen can't fire while setting detpacks.
	- Demomen can't set detpacks while in the air or hanging from a hook.
	- Scout scanner is more user friendly now. 
	- Coop Mode Door/Key behaviour is much more user friendly now.
	- Assault Cannon doesn't need cooling after really short bursts.
	- Grapple cannot hurt players.
	- Snipers have flare grenades.
	- All lasting effects (concussion/hallucination/tranquilisation) can
	  affect team members, but Medics only get frags for curing effects 
	  caused by enemy teams.

Bug Fixes:
	- Fixed a loophole in the non_team and owners_team Goal Broadcasting.
	- Fixed a bug in the map code governing items given by goals.
	- Powerups don't remove Dimlight caused by GoalItems, and vice versa.
	- Detpacks exploding outside maps.
	- Some Weapons not "kicking" your view fixed.
	- Ammoboxes are counted like pipebombs now. e.g. limited number of 
	  them in existence at any one time.
	- Fixed bug in pipebomb counting in deathmatch.

Map Code Enhancements:
	- Goals can use the "delay" variable now to delay their activation for a 
	  specific amount of time.
	- Goals can check to see if the player is carrying any items from
	  a particular group in it's criteria using "has_item_from_group".
	- Goals can use the "remove_item_group" to remove all the items
	  in a particular group from any player affected by its activation.
	- A new Bit was added to the "goal_results" variable for Goals/Items
	  which allows them to remove a Spy's disguise.
	- A new Bit was added to the "goal_activation" of GoalItems. 
	  See the tfortmap.txt for details.
	- Team Spawnpoints can now use Criteria exactly the same as Goals.
	  Players can only spawn at spawnpoints that they match the Criteria of.
	- Team Spawnpoints can activate a goal when someone spawns on them, 
	  using the "activate_goal_no" variable.

Map Code Changes:
	- Items given by Goals are not set to Active state anymore, so they
	  can be given out multiple times.

Map Code Bug Fixes (Thanks Jim!) :
	- Goal/Groups being removed/returned fixed.
	- Fixed Goals applying bonuses to players through other Goals.
	- Use of the "all_active" and "last_impulse" variables is now fixed.
	- Fixed a bug with the "t_length" variable.
	- Fixed the problem of Goals using the "wait" variable never inactivating.
	- Fixed the behaviour of the "wait" variable in Goals. It used to
	  remove Goals for the period of time in the "wait" variable. Now
	  they stay active for that time... like the readme says they do.

Version 2.15  - Released 12/03/97

Version 2.14  - Released 12/03/97
Bug Fixes:
	- Various small bugs in the map code fixed.

Version 2.13  - Released 17/2/97
Features Added:
	- Better prevention of cheating with mouse movement.
	- Medic gets a frag for curing infection and concussion.
	- Level cycling is now sensitive to the number of Players in the game.

Map Code Enhancements:
	- GoalItems can centerprint messages to players when they're dropped by
	  a dying player.

	- Method of counting players adjusted so we count people with a fancy
	  character as the first letter in their name. This will fix team
	  imbalances in the autoteam assignment.
	- Sniper Reload time #defined for accessability.
	- Medic max_armor and max_nails lowered.
	- Assault Cannon's damage increased.
	- Flamethrower and Incendiary Cannon damage increased in the net version.
	  This is because the Pyro is a weaker character on net, due to the fact
	  he cannot spread fires.
	- All damage done by players is now reduced by 10%.

Bug Fixes:
	- Fixed a killtarget problem which prevented TF Goals from using 
	  killtarget and target effectively (Thanks Jeremy!)
	- Fixed a problem with the Class-Persistence in non-Coop Mode play.

Version 2.12  - Released 4/2/97
Map Code Enhancements:
	- Goals can do more intelligent broadcasting with netname.(Happy Network? ;)

	- Skin checking no longer disconnects the player, just sets the skin back.
	- Sniper laser sight and autozoom.

Version 2.11  - Released 27/1/97
Features Added:
	- Speed checking is now much more efficient, and will catch
	  them everytime.
	- Suiciders now have a respawn delay, and cannot re-suicide for 10 
	  seconds. This prevents them from crashing servers.
	- Skin and color checking has been fixed, and players who are 
	  caught are kicked.

	- Teamfrags option changed. Servers now have the option to
	  never use teamfrags. This is now the default.

Version 2.1  - Released 22/1/97
Features Added:
	- "maphelp" alias which gives you a short description of the
	  map you're playing, if it's a TF map and a description has 
	  been supplied by the map creator.
	- "flaginfo" alias which gives you a display of the status
	  of the flags on any map which the map creator provides a 
	  flag info section in the Detection entity.
	  Works for all CTF maps as well.
	- Civilian Class. Sorry, you can't play this one by choice. It is
	  only used on special maps.
	- QuakeWorld grappling hook.

Bugs Fixed:
	- Quake Plats and Doors AP checking fixed
	- Quake Trigger reverse-AP-criteria fixed
	- Spawncode fixed and enhanced
	- Level Cycling removed, rewritten, and hopefully fixed!
	  N.B. You can't use nextlevel anymore to pick your next level.
	       Instead, the server admin chooses the levels he/she wants
		   the patch to cycle through.

	- Speed Cheat Checking has been updated, so those cheating soldiers
	  out there won't be moving so fast.
	- Finally updated this doc!

Map Code Enhancements:
    - Goals can specify a team they belong to
	- Goals can specify a starting state
	- Activation Criteria can check other Goal's states
	- Can Centerprint to members on/not-on AP's team
	- Detection entity can specify a custom Team Menu message
	- Detection entity can specify a Map Help message
	- Entities can specify whether they exist for different "skill" settings
	- TeamSpawn points can remove themselves after being spawned on
	- GoalItems can glow when not being carried
	- Detection entity can restrict available classes for each team
	- All Goals can specify an 'else' goal, which is activated if this isn't
	- Detection entity can now specify a maximum number of players in each team
	- All Goals can display the status of upto 2 GoalItems when activated
	- GoalItems can centerprint messages to players when they return
	- Detection entity can restrict teams to the Civilian class for fancy maps
	- Can Centerprint to owners of a Goal/Item when it's activated
	- Any Goal/Item can force an item to return
	- Any Goal check whether any GoalItem is at its origin in it's Criteria
	- Goals that give out GoalItems can specify whether they want to the Item
	  itself to apply results.
	- Detection entity can specify that the Grappling Hook cannot be used
	- Any Goal can remove/restore Team Spawnpoints
	- GoalItems can specify console item's they'd like to light up when carried

Map Code Changes:
	- "Personal Message" is now centerprinted to AP
	- "Broadcast Message" is now centerprinted to everyone else
	- Goals activated by others now check their Criteria before activating
	- GoalItems don't restore a goal when they return, now they activate it

Map Code breakages (Old maps won't work if you used these)
	- Detection entity can now make Pyro class illegal. 
	  It replaces the Random PC prevention. 
	  This will only cause a problem if you have a map which
	  prevented players from playing Random PC.
	- GoalItems don't restore a goal when they return, now they activate it.
	  If you had any GoalItems using the "impulse" variable to restore a Goal
	  when the GoalItem returns, you'll need to redo the Goalwork.
	  My suggestion: Say a GoalItem was restoring Goal A when it returned.
					 Make a Goal B. Make the GoalItem activate Goal B when
					 it returns. Make Goal B restore Goal A. 
	  If you're wondering why I did this, it's because an activating goal
	  can restore a goal, and do much more. This way, you're not limited in
	  what you want to do when a GoalItem is returned.

Version 2.03  - Beta Released 28/12/96
Bugs Fixed:
	- Items falling through world
	- Burning players not being able to move
	- Teamplay settings fixed
	- Quake Triggers activating TF Goals fixed
	- Level Cycling fixed

Version 2.01  - Beta Released 24/12/96
Bugs Fixed:
	- Team management on non-TF & non-CTF maps.

	- RandomPC never respawns as the last class.

Debug For:
	- Flag states.
	- Teamplay settings.

Version 2.0  - Beta Released 22/12/96

Version 1.37 - Beta Released
So many changes, so here are just a few of them:
	- Pipebombs completely cleaned up. Now there's a 
	  limit defined in options.qc, default 10, and
	  this is divided out between teams.
	  e.g. in 2 team games, both teams can have upto 5.
	- "reload" fixed.
	- "dropammo" fixed.
	- Concussion gren healing fixed.
	- Teamplay options are much better.
	- Temp1 variable now hold Toggleflags, so they
	  persist over maps.
	- maxammo for all ammo increased for each
	  class, so that scouts can carry rockets,
	  but still not use them. This way they can
	  carry them to team members.
	- BioWeapon and Medikit can be merged into
	  one weapon if MEDIKIT_IS_BIOWEAPON is defined.
	  It heals if you hit a teammember and infects
	  if you hit an enemy. This is default for net servers.
	- Dropammo menu appears faster
	- Spawn blood when curing concussion
	- Prevented infections attacking your own team,
	  if teamplay options prevent it doing damage
	- telefragged players respawn a couple of seconds
	  later, so we don't get that telefrag crap.
	- autoteam kicks in after 30 seconds into a map.
	  So teams can be restructured when people enter
	  a new map, and then after 30 seconds, people will
	  be assigned automatically.
	- Firing removes help now, and prints the "8 to see..."
	- People can now ask for bindings to be done for them,
	  with a selection of keys for mouse and key players.
	- Player's push each other, and flag carrying players
	  have a bigger weight.

Version 1.33 - Released 11/11/96
Bugs Removed:
	- Nextlevel command not working.

Version 1.32 - Released 10/11/96
Features added:
	- Nextlevel command.
		Players can use the "Nextlevel" command to cycle through the
		v1.3 FortressMaps and choose which one will be played when the
		current one ends.
	- Deathmatch 3 setting.
		When in deathmatch 3, players can choose the class they will
		respawn as.

	- Removed all pre-impulses.
	  	We used these in LAN games and they're fine. But on the net,
	  	the lag can cause problems with them. So they're gone. We 
	  	have left in the pre-impulses for Detpacks and Scanners so
	  	players can still define their own time settings/energy levels.
	- Detpack setting changed.
	  	Instead of stopping you for 4 seconds when you set a detpack,
	  	now you have to hold down the Detpack-Set key for 4 seconds
	  	without moving, and you can stop and run at any time.
	 	The old method is still there if you want to use it instead.
	- Sniper Rifle changed.
		It takes a little longer to build up the damage now, so snap-shots
		won't kill so much. Aiming still builds up the damage.
		Also, the Sniper must stop moving before he can start to aim.
	- Team Color Checking
		Now it doesn't penalise the player in any way for changing colors,
		it just sets them back. Players with lag on servers would get 
		penalised before they're colors had been set when they joined a 
		team. :)

Bugs Removed:
	- Announcing of class choices when deathmatching.
	- Sniper aiming not incrementing damage.
	- Teamfrags not keeping correct count.
	- Team 4 wasn't working.

Version 1.31 - Released 4/11/96
Features added:
	- Class choices are announced to Team Members.

	- Pyro Class made a little weaker, as follows:
		- Flames on Players burn for half as long.
		- Incendiary Cannon has a smaller radius.

Bugs Removed:
	- Pipebomb's crashing the server.
		"I just commented out the debug!" John cried :)
	- Grenade names in inventory fixed.
	- Updating of Current Ammo fixed.
	- Weapon firing in air fixed.
		"Who the hell is DeMorgan?!?!" Robin screams :)
	- Speed resetting when a GoalItem is removed corrected.
	- Detpack activation of Goals fixed.

Version 1.3  - Released 31/10/96
Features added:
	- Lives for players in each team.
	- More Toggleables added.
		- TeamFrags
		- Server Only
	- Napalm Grenades added
	- Others, but I can't remember them. :)

	- Entire TeamFortress Map code rewritten.
	  Huge amount of changes and added functionality for them.
	  See the tfortmap.txt for complete details.

Classes: Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demolitions Man, Combat Medic,
		 Heavy Weapons Guy, Pyro, RandomClass.

Bugs Removed:
	- Respawn Delays fixed.
	- Inventory display of second Grenade type fixed.
	- Lotsa other small things

Version 1.21 - Released 17/9/96
Bugs Removed:
	- Assault Cannon backpack/cooling bug fixed.
	- BioWeapon not infecting monsters bug fixed.
	- Megahealth always curing infection bug fixed.
	- Detpack stuffcmd failure bug fixed.
	- Medikit non-precached sound bug fixed.
	- Deathmatch Everyone-respawn-in-the-same-place bug fixed.
	- Heavy Weapon Guy's weapons cleaned up.

Version 1.2	- Released 11/9/96
Features added:
	- TeamFortressMap Goal Support (Yeeha!)
	- Bioweapon for the Combat Medic
	- More Toggleables added.
		- Auto Teaming
		- Respawn Delays
	- Players start in Observer mode.

Classes: Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demolitions Man, Combat Medic,
		 Heavy Weapons Guy, RandomClass.

	- Rewrote various sections to reduce variable use
	- Changed Team Spawnpoints handling
	- Team Members now only damage each other with Area-Effect weapons.
	- Armor doesn't protect against drowning, etc.
	- Remove telefragging.
	- Concussion grenade toned down a little.
	- Rewrote all the code for timers. Not only does it
	  now save variable space, it also makes sure we clean
	  up _all_ timers.

Bugs Removed:
	- John got it! The nastiest bug we've had yet!! Bye bye Zmalloc error!
	- Medikit bug fixed
	- Toggleflags being incorrectly passed between levels fixed

Known Bugs:
	- The Assault Cannon cooling still isn't perfect.

Version 1.1	- Released 31/8/96
Features added:
	- Help revamped.
	- Aliases for Help, Detpacks, and Scanners added.
	- Multiple Player skin support added.
	- Added World Toggleables handling.
		- Classkin and Multiskin Toggle added.
		- Class persistence between levels Toggle added.
		- Cheatchecking Toggle added.
        - TeamFortressMap Toggle added.
	- Detpack CountDown added.
	- Scanner now gives directions of blips
	- NetServer setting which uses no non-standard quake files
	- TeamFortress Map Support (Yeah!!)

Classes: Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demolitions Man, Combat Medic,
		 Heavy Weapons Guy.

	- Undefined players are now invincible, but can't move.

Bugs Removed:
	- Detpack was spawning two objects.
	- Gibbed while Reloading bug fixed.
	- Dying while concussed bug fixed.

Version 1.1	- Released 24/8/96
Initial Release
Classes: Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demolitions Man, Combat Medic