Well, it would seem as though that time has come again. Time to ditch all those old mdls. and pak files laying about and replace them with something thats new newNEW! So, from the always ceaseless back broken finger blistered author of the engineer upgrade and TF coolskins, comes the next installment of mutton dressed up as lamb, oh um i mean...

NEW --Sniper pak-- 3/1/99
2 Men & a Fast mofo + techboy TF pak 29/1098



All i can say that this game absoultely owns!!
Suffice to say that due to its sheer enjoyment & the fact that it has EVERYTHING that is meant to be in TF2 and more...i wont be doing anymore TF1 models..period. sorry. I'd rather spent my free time playing TRIBES or making maps for it etc.
If you havent seen this game..then MAKE sure YOU DO!...
The open terrain graphic engine..finally makes outdoors and indoors combat a reality and makes the simple bsps of the q2/hl engine look very dated. 
TF2 will sure have a fight on its hands to make it as enjoyable, and as well polished as this game...not to mention it has the most AMAZING internet code ive ever seen ANYWHERE.



Day after xmas.

Havent spent that much time doing new models since the last update. But i have almost completed a new sniper rifle model. When i saw 'almost' i mean it is done...its just it has a few issues that i aint happy about. The main reason being that after i export the model to 'mdl' format the vertices become deformed and skewed. I 've fixed it as much as i could but it frustrates me too much at the moment..so i'll release as is...and fix later, if i can be bothered. Ive also done a mediaxe mdl but havent skinned as yet.


Well it has been too long since the last update :(

But here we have the latest stuff i've done.... a complete reworking of the v_weapons for the soldier, heavy weapon guy, scout and the older stuff from the engineer.
Also a lot of the miscellaneous models have been redone...such as respawn ammo, backpacks and armour. 
Also 4 spankin new skins for these classes..that I think turned out really well :) 

Originally this pak was going to be the soldier/hwyguy/pyro, but as some of you may already know i tried to get v_mdl support for the pyro & spy..... everything was looking promising but probably due to TFS's hard work on TF2, things didn't eventuate.
Maybe at some point they may include support with a new client update download..if we aint all playing TF2 by then. 

My next release will probably be the sniper/medic/spy. But i don't know WHEN or
IF it will be finished...so don't ask :)  ...as I am  terrible at giving vaguely accurate dates.

Anyway thanks to Kromax , Chunka and Suicidal-Sniper for help on the web page and Cannibal for having a spot on his site.