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Hail to the ercking

erc stepped up to the task of adding links to all the review site to each and every map available. Crazy? Yes. Awesome? Yes!
I did like less than a quarter of the work by going through Retroquake (what a mess), Ethereal Hell and TEAMShambler earlier. But with my pace this would have taken until next year…

Thanks erc for such a dedicated contribution.

Next on my list: The Search for the Missing Thumbnails. :)

Maps! Updates! Interviews!

It’s description update time. Thanks to negke, an unknown contributor and me there are more than 40 new descriptions.

Excellent and Nice: aopfm_v2, auximine, dark04b, ne_lend_doom, nsoe, shesp1

The rest: alsc, anaconda, anoxia, apocshel, axeme7, break1-map, bridges_2, brt01q1, brt04q1, brt06q1, brt07q1, brt08hip, brt08q1, building, burns, butcher, cargoshp, cavosin_fixed, chess, chqmd, city, corporal, dblback, dock5, dxm2, dxmf, fun!, maze1, mercy, platform, series1, skymaze, vr

And the fiffy maps got better ratings. I am sure I made some mistakes as usual, so please don’t hesitate reporting errors.

I also posted some more interviews in the QExpo booth, thanks to Lardarse who did the “processing” work: necros, negke, Pingu, SleepwalkR, Tiddles, Vondur

Updates once again

A bunch of updates: dd, digs04, dis_sp6, dumbdim, e2m5rmx, fbase, fr3n1m3, home_ke, hulk256, martys, omlabx, skeet, sm36, smlevel, ssm, supermaze, xplore.

I’m pretty sure I made a mess somewhere, so if you spot something bad don’t hesitate to mention it.

There are a more files pending addition, but I am not sure if they should be added at all: = does anyone know what this is? Wasn’t it someone’s first map and not meant for public? = is an old beta map, I don’t know if the author wants it public = is an old beta map, I don’t know if the author wants it public

Also I have and with the same contents, does someone know which filename is correct?

Major changes in the background

I successfully converted all the html files to xml now. This makes editing and maintaining much easier. For the normal users it means almost nothing though. My enthusiasm was also used to merge the “maps” and “mods” into one huge listing (ok, actually it would have been more work not to do that): spmaps.html (~180 Kilobytes). You will noticed that the “mods”s rows are darker. As posted before I also re-did the speedmap list.

And to make a big announcement: Mods and Engines will be next.

Anyone interested and willing to brainstorm please post about what informations and “criteria” (like the hasbsp, haspak for maps) should be included. Also what kind of mods. How they should be divided. The plan is to have that decided until QExpo and then starting to collect and list.

Statistics on Quake Singleplayer Maps

A statistic like “Who made how many maps” is not available (yet) for two reasons: First there is no consistency on spelling and some mappers changed their handles, second there are too many team releases. It would be a lot of manual work.

Excluding the speedmaps there are 850 files. The number of speedmapping packs (currently in the archive) is 134, some are missing, others are just demos though.

There is a total of 1335 .bsp files plus 105 .pak files (including speedmaps) inside all those zips. That should range well above 1500 .bsp files in total.

Year: Releases (Excellent&Nice / Average / Poor&Crap)

1996:  95  (   5/  37/ 53)
1997: 371  ( 111/ 145/113)
1998:  69  (  28/  24/ 16)
1999:  40  (  29/   6/  5)
2000:  35  (  31/   2/  1)
2001:  53  (  43/   6/  2)
2002:  29  (  20/   3/  6)
2003:  35  (  25/   7/  3)
2004:  32  (  26/   4/  2)
2005:  24  (  18/   6/  0)
2006:  15  (   6/   8/  0)
2007:  22  (  17/   4/  0)

Statistics on Quake Singleplayer Maps

And with the ’97 spike cut away:

Statistics on Quake Singleplayer Maps

Totals in ratings:
Crap: 42
Poor: 167
Average: 262
Nice: 224
Excellent: 147
As a graph this gives a nice almost gauss-normal curve with a shift to goodness (1 = Crap, 5 = Excellent):

Statistics on Quake Singleplayer Maps

Please keep in mind that the ratings might be quite subjective. Also older maps are sometimes rated with regards to their age. The ratings are meant as a guidance.

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