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The incredible amount of 2 added maps: level2 (renamed from here, thanks to aguirRe for the hint) and the latest release: bod. Enjoy!

Backfilling update #143

Thanks to neg!ke for some descriptions and thanks to me for the majority (no joke, I was diligent this time!). Enjoy!
base_debris, burgtx12, cogs, dejavu10, distractions, dragon, elek_neh_episode4, event, fr3nrun2, funkx89, hrim_sp3, j1, j2, qkdme1m1, qkfort, qkhouse, qkmetro, qkpit, qkship, qkstarg, qkstore, qktower, qkwall, quadrx6, quoth2, rcoldmaps, slave, src2, src, trail, travail_skins, travail_soundtrack, wbase

PS: Stop voting for the pink for heaven’s sake!

The Singleplayer Map Archive is complete

Wow. This looked like a task for sisyphus at first. 3 years later it is done. Most of the actual work (playing maps, making screenshots, add the informations) was done by the always helpful neg!ke. Eternal gratitude is assured!
OmegaPhlare, Sielwolf, erc, Megazoid, ijed, MadFox, spd and I wrote some descriptions too. Thanks again guys.
Also Sajt must be thanked as without his fantastic script for making the descriptions we would be nowhere near the end.
I know there are a lot falsely displayed umlauts, will fix those later. Apart from that please report all anomalies or errors you encounter.


Quake Singleplayer MapsQuake Singleplayer (“partial”) Mods

Be aware that you can sort the tables by clicking on the “Author – Map – DL – Size – Date DMY↓ – Rating” header. You need Javascript enabled. Warning: It might freeze your browser for a second or two.

PS: The speedmapping packs are very low priority, they don’t count.

second last backfilling update

Dammit, I wanted to finish it today but it took longer than I thought and now I am tired. So my scheduled completion party has to wait until tomorrow, hrm. Unfortunately I also moved the files out of the “work” directory before saving the list and I can’t be arsed to move them back, so this time there is no list of the updated descriptions. Sorry!

All the maps in the listings are done now. Massive thanks to neg!ke (and other helpers?) as usual.
I replaced all the nehahra files with one all-inclusive, Mindcrime gave his ok.

I will do those tomorrow, just a reminder and a “to-do” list. :)
Maps to add: back2forwards, r_666, r_church, cjhsp1, aow
to update: quoth
to verify: pg /pg2 really confuse me. pg has a newer pak while pg2 has the “2″.

When that is done I will compare files vs descriptions for missing ones, clean up, add missing links to reviews on TeamShambler, underworldfan’s and Retroquake, provide a new “quaddicted archive”-zip, write about the trash folder (crap and old versions), convert everything to xml, maybe add a “total conversions” listing, hopefully write some interesting articles, philosophise about the meaning of life and inevitable get laid. Cheers!

Updates, enjoy them while you can

flesh was submitted two times, I chose the shorter one as it fit the style better. Many thanks to the nice soul who submitted the wordy one!

I don’t know about the links to #l on the lf maps. Is there some browser/addon that works with that? I have added no anchors in the tables and don’t plan to. Dear submitter, please enlighten me about the intention. :)

e1m1rmx_hard, e2m10glq, e2m10, flesh, hayduke1, hdn, hellchepsout, hellctle, heresp4, hhouse, hive, horrid, hostile, hotel, housp, houstrps, hrim_sp1, hrim_sp2, hrimspeed, hub, ikspq1, in_ovo, insane01, jackboot, jailbrk, level, lfsp1, lfsp2, lfsp3, lfsp4, lfsp5, lfsp7, lfspme, lfspplus, lfstart, morbid_1, morbid_2, obiwan2, obiwan3, obiwan, polygon2, purgator, purgtor2

Thanks for the submissions!

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