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Lost in Quake #7

Since onetruepurple was so quick (The Vaults of Zin, e3m2), here is another, harder one. NahkahiiR is disqualified since I KNOW he knows where it is. Hide’n'seek memories, heh.


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Lost in Quake #6

Stubgaard gained a lot of respect (yeah!) for finding Wolfgang on The Tomb Of Terror (e3m3) yesterday. Congratulations! Today I can’t be arsed to write a small story, sorry. Anyways, here is a pretty hard one for all the “do a hard one” sayers. I bet a baby-tarbaby that NahkahiiR knows this place.


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Lost in Quake #5

onetruepurple, spy and many silent wise guys found Wolfgang by triangulation on a cloud on Gloom Keep (e1m5) (and negke shared some knowledge about the purpose of said cloud). Rushing to his rescue they found themselves unable to reach him though. Maybe they should have brought a shambler to ride on…


PS: Please try to be more specific where exactly he is, so others can find the place too. This one is easy but others will be very hard (oops, a prophecy).

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Lost in Quake #4

Oh poor Wolfgang. Rushing through The Door to Chthon (e1m6) Ankh brought a short glimpse of hope (booooze, yaaey!) to his solitude. But as it always ends with a high alcohol per person ratio, Wolfgang now has a serious headache, no clue about his whereabouts and feels quite queasy.


This one is either very easy or very hard for you. If you instantly know where he is, please give others a chance to find this interesting place. If there is no correct answer in the next ~12 hours, I will post a hint. Extra points if you put in a bit of knowledge about the particular purpose of “it”.

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Lost in Quake #3

Abhoth was right, yesterday Wolfgang played ballerina on The Necropolis (e1m3). Today he went to show his balancing skills to some buddies, but they dropped out before it got exciting. Now he is left alone in the dark and forgot the way home. Where did they leave him?


PS: He is always on a Quake/id1 map unless I specifically say otherwise.

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